Broken Bones

I looked to my left. There was a screen of smoke shrouding whatever had made the crack. I’m no expert but I’m guessing that’s a gun. The smokescreen cleared to reveal Lilith, dressed for once in tight clothes and leather fingerless gloves which were white, of course. She held her phoenix gun in front of her, still aiming at Travis.

“Lilith, you took too long” Morrigan said playfully.

“I apologise, sister, but there is a serious pest problem in this place. There was one in particular that gave me a little trouble”.

“I hope you didn’t waste any bullets”.

“Of course not, what do you take me for?” Lilith still spoke with a lack of emotion.

“Oh, I don’t know. A munitions genius?”

“I would prefer specialist. None can truly be called a genius for another will think of something new”.

“You know what I mean”.

Lilith smiled and lowered her gun. The phoenix glimmered and looked as if it were truly on fire. She surveyed the scene that lay before her like an assassin at the end of a job, making sure that all the targets are dead. Once her eyes settled on Trace she lost her smile.

“Why is he still breathing?” she asked viciously.

“He’s stronger than you thought. He’s still a weakling but a strong weakling”.

“Oh well, we will just have to take him with us”.

“We’re leaving?”

“If we stay we will look like murderers, traitors. Especially since we both have reputations in The Union. Reputations which could betray us”.

“Oh, I get you. Well, I slipped him some deadly nightshade so that should keep him out of commission for a while. Want me to rig up a skeleton handcuff?”

“No, he should be fine for now. Dear Hallie, however”.

Lilith stepped over to me and released Travis’ grip on my wrist. However, she replaced his grip with her own.

“Hallie, you have two options. Come quietly and I only break your arm or don’t come quietly and I break every bone in your body” she said almost sweetly, like she was enjoying the moment.

“Lille, stop messing with her. You know we need her unharmed and we don’t have time for her bones to knit themselves back together” Morrigan said, collecting various objects from the room.

Was she stealing from Trace? I knew she had a tendency to pick pockets but daylight robbery? It just wasn’t her.

“Fine” Lilith sighed and began to drag me out of the room.

“What’s going on?” I asked, feeling one of my mood swings finally start to rise when I needed one.

“The Union is a lie-“ Lilith said.

“And we’re planning on taking them down with you” Morrigan finished.

“Who said I agreed to any of this?” I shouted.

“Well, Hallie, we would have thought you would help us. After all, Azarius did kill your mother” Lilith said and gripped my wrist tighter.

“I don’t care if Azarius killed my mom! Killing him isn’t going to bring her back!”

“But surely you hunger for the sweet taste of vengeance”.

“No! I couldn’t give a damn about vengeance! Azarius may have killed my mom but my dad’s still alive and I’m not a killer!”

“You will have to become one. You must kill to survive. And when Azarius discovers your existence he will not want you alive. Unless you prove yourself useful, then he may request that you stand by his side and watch the world fall into ruin” Lilith said.

Wow, she was really determined to have me join her and Morrigan.

“All I care about right now is getting out of here, and maybe checking on Ataris” I said.

I really did want to check on Ataris. Not long before Lilith arrived the snarling from Ren’s room had stopped completely. Neither wolf nor vampire roared their war cries yet neither came to help or hinder Travis. I almost felt responsible for Ataris. After all, she helped me and it wouldn’t be right if I just forgot about her.

“You ought not concern yourself with the welfare of wolf scum. They are not as long-lived as we are, they are somewhat more…breakable. Most humans can outlive an entire wolf pack, you know”.

“She’s still a living creature”.

“You are getting on my nerves”.

I shook Lilith’s hand away with a burst of strength and braced for her to attack me. Strangely enough, she simply stood back and watched me shuffle on the spot. I could feel my newfound strength disappearing, as if my muscles wanted me to give in to Lilith. Morrigan walked over to me, graceful as ever, and looked deep into my eyes.

“If you’re trying to hypnotise me” I said, giving my voice fake conviction. Truth was, I was nowhere near strong enough to take on Morrigan.

“Sister, I tire of this human. Dispose of her” Lilith said casually.

“Uh, but we need her alive” Morrigan said.

“Sister, do you remember that song you played me before your departure? And do you remember which part I pointed out?”

“’And the angels sing “Let it shine! Let it shine!

Dry the teardrops from my eyes,

And the bells will ring when the blind lead the blind,


“’The dead can’t testify’”.

“But I don’t get what that has to do with… Oh. I still don’t think we should”.

“Then find a way of disabling her”.

Morrigan sighed half-heartedly and beckoned to Lilith to leave. The angelic girl, however, stayed to watch what her sister would do. Morrigan’s thin hand wrapped around my right forearm, positioning her thumb in the gap between my bones. She twisted and squeezed in a sharp motion and another crack rang through the air. At first I thought Lilith had shot Morrigan but then the pain set in. A constant burning where Morrigan had her hand. She took her hand away and started to walk away. My arm bulged and bent at an unnatural angle. Even I could tell it was broken. I gripped my arm in the least painful way and looked to Lilith who was admiring an antique rifle. She picked it up and held it as if she were going to shoot. She then switched her hold so it looked like she was holding a golf club. She smashed the butt of the rifle into my left leg. There was no crack this time, just a sickening crunch. My leg buckled as the pain ignited from the knee down and spread like fire up my leg. There was a cry of pain at the back of my throat but I held it back, I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. The last thing I remember before blacking out was the twins walking out, arms hooked around each other’s waists and Lilith with the rifle over her shoulder and a harsh laugh on her lips.

The End

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