I Really Hate Traitors

“So, your majesty, are ready to die?” Travis asked, angling the rod.

II wasn’t afraid to die. I knew why Aya had been acting the way he had and at least if I died the others could stop worrying about me. Maybe I’d become a vampire anyway. Maybe I had to die in order to live.

“Why does she have to die?! What did she ever do to you?!” Aya shouted from beside me. He’d managed to hoist himself up on to his knees.

“What did she do? She got involved”.

Travis pulled the rod back and threw it forward. I waited for the metal to tear through my chest, waited for the pain to sear through me like a branding iron against my back. But there was nothing. I looked down and saw Aya lying on the ground in front of me, blood seeping through his shirt, the rod pushed through his collarbone. The end could just about be seen though it was swamped with a mass of muscle, bone fragments and sinew. It sat glimmering by the base of his neck and gave him difficulty breathing. The smile on Travis’ face disappeared. He tried to wrench the rod from Aya but it was stuck on something. Aya grinned and tried to speak. His voice was soft and very slow.

“The prince willingly gives his life for the princess” he said. You could almost hear the rod grating against his bones as he spoke.

He was blacking out. Each breath he took was laboured and accompanied by a guttural rattle. Travis marched over to me, stepping on Aya as he marched.

“Lay a finger on her and I’ll…” Aya slurred.

Travis grabbed my arm with a vicelike grip and marched me out to Trace’s room. The vicious snarls still erupted from Ren’s room, along with shouts from Ren and Amy. Morrigan’s voice could be heard faintly from the other side of Trace’s door. She was talking to Trace but didn’t appear to be getting much of a response.

“Open it” Travis said sternly.

He threw me forward and I hit the door. The commotion stopped Morrigan mid-sentence. Travis glared at me. The door handle was cold against my hand. I heard Morrigan’s dress rustle.

“Hallie?” she asked.

Travis nudged me.

“Yeah. Yeah, it’s me” I said, trying to sound bold.

“Ran into a little wolf trouble by the sounds of it,” she said with a laugh as she opened the door, “I just hope Travis wasn’t too…”

“Morrigan, what a pleasant surprise” he said and pushed me into the room.

Trace lay unconscious on the leather sofa. Morrigan shuffled backwards, looking like a vampire princess. Travis stepped towards her. For each step he took, she edged back just as much.

“Now, Morrigan, why so nervous?” he asked, closing the distance between them in one leap.

“You… Even Hallie should have been able to… You’re just the weakling” Morrigan spluttered.

“I know how much you’d like to believe that but you’ve known since the beginning”

“Okay, so we’ll make a deal”.

“A deal? A deal on what?”

“You can have Trace and I’ll lie and say I killed you”.

Travis tutted and pinned Morrigan against the wall. The force knocked an ornate vase off a marble pedestal. Morrigan wriggled like a worm trapped in a bird’s talons.

“Now, why would I want that? With all three leaders apparently dead, surely someone else would seek to control The Nightstalkers”.

“So when they find you still in control they’ll think you’re invincible”.

“Or that I am weak and begged for my life. No, I think the best way to ensure that none challenge me is by killing you and sending the human out through the front door. If she lives, the world will know The Nightstalkers are a force not to be reckoned with”.

“And if she dies?”

“Then it shall make for excellent sport”.

“How about you let me go and kill the human. The word of a vampire is more reliable than the word of a human”.

“Morrigan” I said quietly.

Travis pondered Morrigan’s suggestion for a while. He loosened his grip on Morrigan and she slumped a little. Before any of us knew what had happened, Travis had let go of Morrigan and had a hold of my wrist.

“I have never tasted the blood of a half-breed. This could be more interesting than I thought. Leave” Travis said, not taking his eyes off me.

Morrigan stayed in the room, edging her way to the door. She changed her course though, heading silently back for Trace. She bit his neck and pushed something into the open wound. She looked up at me with the same lack of emotion I’d seen in Lilith.

“I told you to leave” Travis barked.

“I couldn’t possibly leave yet, my ride’s not here” Morrigan said cockily.

Travis glared at her then turned back to me. I’d never felt more helpless. What was Morrigan doing anyway? There was an ear-shattering crack and Travis was still.

The End

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