So this was my life. Two snarling angry vampires heading for me and possibly the only person who could save me was busy murdering someone else. I didn’t even know how to kill a vampire, let alone whether I could do it twice. I’d have no problem killing Amy, I’m pretty sure she was the daughter of Lucifer. And I don’t mean that exaggeratingly. She really is the spawn of Satan. At least in my mind anyway. She’s evil, I’ll leave it at that. Some of the things I’d seen her do… Only the children of the devil could do it and not go mad. Ren narrowed her starlight eyes and growled. Amy, impatient as ever, was slowly edging towards me. All Ren had to do was say the word and Amy would lunge for my throat. She would pin me down and I would become just another one of Ren’s meals. I scrambled for the door. It was locked. Panic rushed through me like a blast of icy water. Then a longing. I wanted Fang. I wanted to tell him I loved him and Tawny. I wanted to tell Aya I was sorry. I wanted to tell Lilith she was the scariest person I’d ever met but I’d never regret meeting her. I wanted to scream at Morrigan not to kill Trace and to tell Nate where to find him. And then a though rushed through me. It would be a huge risk and I’d be putting my life even further on the line but if I could sell it well enough…

“What would Alex say?” it came out a lot calmer than I expected.

“Don’t bring him into this! You don’t have the right to say his name!” Ren snapped.

“What would he say if he saw you about to spill the blood of an innocent?”

“He would tell me to make it last as long as possible” she said, licking her lips.

Great. Just great. The Alex I’d seen had been her twisted image of him. He’d actually been a bloodthirsty monster. Something about the look in Ren’s eye told me it wasn’t the truth. She looked pained, like she’d just insulted his memory.

“Step away from the door” a voice whispered from behind me.

I did what the voice said. There was no point being sly about it. They knew they already had me on my toes. I dove sideways and the door blasted open. Ren and Amy both jumped back. In through what was left of the door walked the pole dancer, no longer bikini clad and no longer blonde. Her hair was now black and she appeared to be wearing nothing but a long t-shirt.

“Human, get out of here” she said with the authority of a parent. Was there finally a vampire on my side?

“You see, Miss Ren, she was being truthful. We should have listened to her” Amy said.

“No. The wolf’s always been a traitor but she wouldn’t dare kill us. One wolf against the entirety of The Nightstalkers, she’d be lucky to make it to the front door. No, Hannah meant someone else”.

“Don’t write me off just yet, Ren!” the pole dancer snapped.

“What a shame I’m out of silver bullets”.

“And what a shame I’m out of wooden spears”.

“Wood doesn’t kill vampires”.

“Just like silver doesn’t kill wolves”.

Ren and the pole dancer glared at each other. Amy shuffled beside Ren. Something about the pole dancer was making her nervous.

“Human, you need to get out of here,” the pole dancer said, “There’s a slayer called Evangeline. Find her, she can help you”.

“But, who are you?” I asked, a little dazed.

“She’s scum” Ren sneered.

“My name’s Ataris. Now run!” Ataris said, not taking her eyes off Ren.

“Take one more step, human, and I’ll rip your throat out” Ren said menacingly.

I was too stunned to move. I just stood by the remains of the doors. Ataris angled herself between me and Ren. Ren was growling and snarling even more viciously now that Ataris had gotten in her way. Or maybe it had been the mention of a slayer that put her on edge.

“Seriously, I need you to get out of here. I can’t make a move while you’re in the room” Ataris said.

“She can’t hold off two of us. No matter how strong she is one of us will get past her and come after you! To think, a human in my ranks for a month and no one even noticed. It’s disgusting” Ren said around Ataris.

I still couldn’t move. There was no way Ataris was a vampire, she didn’t hold herself the same was as a vampire did. Something about her was more animalistic than the vampires. Amy clicked her teeth together, distracting Ataris from Ren. Ren grinned and rammed into Ataris. She hopped over her and ran towards me. The next thing I knew, there was a wolf in the room and no Ataris. Amy squealed and backed up against the wall. The wolf, a brilliant midnight black wolf, leapt at Ren and knocked her off course. I’m not sure what but something in me just snapped. I tore out of the room in time to hear the vicious growls of Ren and the wolf colliding against each other. I had to work out what I was going to do. I had to save Trace but I couldn’t do it alone. Okay, so I had to find Travis. No, he wanted Trace dead as much as Morrigan. There was Amy… No, she’d just do what Ren told her. I could wait until the wolf finished off Ren but I didn’t know how good a fighter it was. I stood in the hallway out of sight trying to work out a way that I could save everyone. The wolf sounded like it was winning, maybe I could wait for it after all. Amy couldn’t be that difficult to get rid of and… My thoughts were disrupted by noises coming from Trace’s room. Morrigan was trying to kill him now. My head felt like it was going to explode. I didn’t know what to do. And then I was picked up and carried back to Travis’ room.

The End

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