The Human Is Really Discovered

Three weeks had passed since that night. Travis had come to me and apologised, Trace had come to make sure I was okay and Ren was just generally being nicer to me. But the one person who mattered to me was still blanking me. Until that night.

“Trace is eating out of the palm of my hand. And Ren seems to have warmed up to you. We have to act tonight” she whispered in my ear.

“You can’t kill Trace!” I whispered back.

“Why not?”

“What about him and Nate?”

What about him and Nate? There is no him and Nate. They haven’t seen each other in nearly three years, I think it’s safe to say they’re through”.

“Well, I can’t exactly kill Ren. She’s a vampire and I’m a human, it’s supposed to work the other way around”.

“Hallie, humans have been killing vampires for centuries”.

“I still can’t do it. I know too much about her”.

“See, this is why vampires are higher in the food chain than humans. Vampires don’t have emotions. We feel nothing as we drain the life from your worthless species”.

“What’s happened to you, Morrigan?”

“I’ve learnt to survive. I’ve learnt what it takes to get anywhere in this place. And now, Hallie, you have two options. You kill Ren or I’ll kill you” she said and waltzed out of the room.

I couldn’t kill Ren. Firstly because she was a vampire and secondly because she wasn’t evil. She acted like it so she would appear cold and hardened like stone but underneath it all, she was grieving. If it weren’t for Amy I think she would have broken down a long time ago. But, maybe I could persuade her to leave. Morrigan would never know the difference. It would be tough but if I could convince Amy then it would be a done deal.


 Amy and Ren were exactly where I thought they’d be, patching up her room. Amy was doing the most work, happy to let her mistress sit and stare at photos. Three guesses who they were photos off. Amy’s blonde hair seemed almost silver in the lamplight. She dashed around, assessing damage and fixing what she could, until I walked into the room. Ren looked up and stared at me with her silver eyes. Her eyes really were beautiful, it was like looking at a star.

“Hannah” Ren said with a faint smile and went back to her photos.

“Amy, can I talk to you for a minute?” I asked quietly.

“Miss Ren?” she asked equally as quietly.

Ren nodded and Amy brushed over to me.

“What did you want?” she asked icily. No matter how much Ren warmed up to me, Amy would still hate me.

“Listen, you and Ren have to get out of here. You have to leave as soon as possible. Someone is trying to kill off The Nightstalkers and without leaders…let’s just say there wont be much left. Trace is already under threat since he’s the head of The Nightstalkers but after him they’ll come after Ren”.

“I’ll protect her”

“And what happens when you die? What happens then? When she’s seen two more people she cares about die do you think she’ll fight?”

“…No. But, how do you know all this anyway?” the ice had returned to her voice.

“That’s not important, what’s important is that you get out and get away”.

Amy assessed me for a while, judging me to see if I was telling the truth. Finally she decided I was and rushed back into the room.

“Miss Ren, we have to go” she said softly.

“Amy, close the door. I’d like to speak to Hannah where Trace can’t interfere” Ren said.

“But Miss Ren”

“Don’t argue with me, Amy”

Amy opened her mouth to speak but shut it again and pushed me into the room, shutting the doors behind me.

“Come closer, Hannah” Ren said.

Something about her voice scared me. But I did what she said. I had to prove I was loyal or she’d never believe me. She didn’t look up from her photos but she didn’t have to. She’d already seen what she wanted to see.

“Why should I listen to a liar like you?” she asked bitterly.

“Miss Ren?” Amy asked, astonished that Ren wouldn’t believe someone she believed.

“She’s been lying ever since she got here. Vampires don’t get bruises”.

And then it hit me. A couple days before I’d been working with Luc and Adrianna. Luc had accidentally bumped into me and sent me flying into a piece of furniture. I had an ugly green-purple bruise that stretched across my neck and collar bone. And some of it could just be seen over the top of my t-shirt. Amy spotted it and hissed at me.

“B-but… Travis! He had bruises!” I was desperate but he had been bruised.

“Travis isn’t a full vampire. His father was a pureblood and his mother was a half. His blood is the noblest of anyone here but his human taint holds him back. You, on the other hand, bruise as easily as a piece of fruit. Human” Ren said, rising from her desk.

The End

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