Travis swayed in front of me. The whole room swayed in front of me. I had lost control of my blink reflex and was sat fluttering my eyes at nothing in particular. And at nothing in particular I found myself giggling like an idiot. The swaying Travis smiled at me. Was he enjoying this? And I’d only had one cup, how could I be this drunk?

“Don’t think about things, it will make the wine wear off. Don’t worry, you’re perfectly safe as long as I’m here. Trace should come in any second now” Travis said calmly.

What did he mean “the wine would wear off”? Was there anything in this place that wasn’t drugged? And, on cue, Trace came storming in the room. His eyes darted from Travis, to the goldfish mug and finally rested on me who was still giggling like an idiot.

“Travis” he growled.

“You know, Trace, we really should cater for humans. Nothing to drink but blood and wine” Travis said.

“Then you should have taken her outside. To that little river I vaguely remember you drowning in”

“I don’t remember ever drowning in that river”.

“No? Well, you’ll sure as hell remember it in a second”.

“You shouldn’t threaten me, Trace. I know you wont do anything you say. I remind you too much of your little love rat”.

“You want to bet I wont kill you if you call him a love rat?”

Travis gave a sarcastic laugh. “Well, I call him a love rat because-“.

“Think very carefully about the rest of that sentence” a mystery voice said.

Only when Trace and Travis looked at me did I realise it was mine. Travis smiled and Trace looked broken, like he’d just remembered I was in contact with his angel.

“Thank you for that warning, Hannah, I could have said something I didn’t want to say just then. Like perhaps, I don’t know, I called him a love rat because he loved his brother more than you”.

Trace grabbed hold of Travis and threw him against the wall. The noise of him hitting the wall shocked me completely out of my inebriation. I was wide awake and alert and Trace was fighting for Nate’s respect. I felt a sort of admiration for him. Nate wasn’t there and unless I told him would never know of Trace’s devotion to him. Even though Nate wasn’t there, he was fighting for him. It was romantic in an odd kind of way. There were snaps and crunches as the two vampires brawled but Travis never left the wall. Even though he was taking a beating, Trace still had him pinned. Blood was dripping from the both of them but neither of them gave up. Trace punched Travis in the ribs and I heard at least three ribs crack. Travis spat blood in Trace’s face. Trace leant in to his face and growled, baring his teeth.

“What the hell is going on?” Ren shouted from the doorway.

Neither of the two brawlers looked away from each other.

“I leave you alone for five minutes and you’re destroying the place! Whoever got thrown into the wall, I heard you from outside. Outside, about three miles away! If I didn’t know better I’d say you were actually trying to kill each other”.

“Stay out of this, Ren! This is between me and him!” Trace snarled.

“Well, something tells me it’s not about you or him. Trace, you need to calm down and come to see to the confused vampire on the desk. Travis, how many times do I have to tell you, the past stays in the past” Ren said.

Once again, neither of the brawlers moved. In fact, they did exactly the opposite of what Ren just said.

“I hear he has a new man now. He’s forgotten all about you. All he remembers is that you were the ass who turned him” Travis said, sounding like an evil little brother.

Trace growled louder than a bear and grabbed Travis by the hair. At first it looked like he was going to drag him somewhere but Trace pulled his arm back, Travis with it, and threw him through the wall. Completely through the wall. Ren sighed and followed Trace who had stormed through the hole left by Travis, widening it by a metre or so as he ran.

“Lovely room you have, Ren. Oh, do you think so? Yes, it’s really nice, how exactly do you keep it so tidy? Well, it mainly involves not letting two men struggling for control to fight in it!” Ren said to herself.

“Say one more thing about him and I will kill you!” Trace snarled.

Travis snorted and spat out some more blood. Before he knew what had happened, Trace had charged at him and punched him square in the jaw. He spat out more blood and with it a tooth. Snarls and growls echoed around the room. I could hear Ren talking to herself, providing a running commentary, but all I could feel was anger. One of the slight disadvantages to sharing blood memories, you feel everything the other vampire feels until your body makes the blood your own. Something I couldn’t do because I was human. I could convert human and animal blood but I just wasn’t developed enough for vampire blood. And speaking of the blood, I could feel it sitting in the pit of my stomach like some icy tumour.

“You were never worthy of him, anyway. If you had been he’d still be with you. And he’d still be human” Travis knew exactly how to wind Trace up.

In a flash, Trace had tackled Travis down to and through the floor. A squeal came from the now awake Adrianna. Ren sighed, grabbed hold of my collar and jumped down through the hole after Trace.

“Amy’s still feeding, you’re the closest I’ve got to back up” she said and sighed again as Trace sent Travis through three more floors.

“I wont be much help. I’ll just get in your way”.

“Kid, it’s not my way you want to get in, it’s theirs. Hit me with the facts, are either of them drunk?”

I shook my head.

“Taken anything?”

I shook my head again.

“Gorged themselves on blood?” she asked as if she couldn’t believe they had started the fight and not drugs.

“No. Travis dragged up the past and Trace-“

“You shared memories with one of them,” Ren said, biting her lip to take out her frustration, “Which one?”


She rolled her eyes and sighed. "Okay, Hannah, this one's all yours. You started the problem, you fix the problem" she said and threw me forwards into the brawl.

The End

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