The Human Is Discovered

I staggered back to reality to see Amy pulling Ren away from me.

“Kid, you’re powerful. Half of that stuff you weren’t even supposed to see” Ren said, a little out of breath.

Adrianna and the others looked on in disbelief. What had happened? Don’t tell me I’d been willingly drinking her blood.

“Right, now that we’ve shared memories it’s time for you to come home as it were” she said and led us away from the town, with constant support from Amy.

Adrianna and Luc both trotted over to me once we began walking. Why were all these vampires walking when they could practically move at the speed of light?

“Whoa, Hannah, that was one serious… I’m not even sure what that was” Luc said.

“I know” Adrianna whispered.

My heart skipped a beat. Had I been rumbled already?

“Don’t worry, Hannah, we’ll look after you ‘til you turn. Then you’ll be unstoppable” she said cheerfully but quietly.

“Wait, she’s human?” Luc asked in shock.

“Yes, she’s human. That’s why Ren thought she was powerful. Humans are a magnet for emotion. Pretty much everything Hannah saw was what Ren wanted to keep a secret”

“Ooh, so what did you see?”

“She no doubt saw Ren ripping your mouth out! It’s not our place to ask what she showed us. Besides, your brother seems more interested in he than her memories”.

“Meh, anybody that latches on to him is practically a god in his eyes”

Adrianna and Luc chatted the entire way, not minding that I didn’t pitch in much. Nonetheless, I had to stay on their good sides, they knew I wasn’t a vampire and I couldn’t afford to have my cover blown. Besides, how bad would it be to have a little support on the inside? Morrigan was blanking me. I didn’t know if she was doing it on purpose or if it was some kind of vampire mind control put on her by Ren. Eventually we reached a tunnel. Ren lead us down it and Adrianna had to help me through since vampires have night vision. We headed upwards at some point until we must’ve climbed about two hundred odd feet. And we came out of a trapdoor in a cottage.

“Welcome to the penultimate floor. Go up one more and you’ll find mine and Trace’s offices. Well, not really offices” Ren said.

“If this is the floor beneath the top, why are we only a few feet off the ground?” Adrianna asked, looking out of a window.

“Clever girl. Fine, Amy, cut the illusion”.

In an instant it seemed the floor shot up a couple thousand feet and my stomach stayed down on the ground. The room was no longer a cottage, it looked exactly like the mansion I’d been in before except this place was classier, lighter but home to back-breaking labour.

“Alright then, you’ll all start doing menial labour. There’s six of you so that’s… three to a team. You, you and you, take the next floor. The offices need… cleaning. You three, I don’t know, wait here. Amy, make sure they don’t do anything to get me in trouble” Ren said and led Bruno, Luc and a vampire whose name I didn’t know upstairs, leaving Morrigan, Adrianna and myself stood with Amy.

She eyed us with her brilliant blue eyes and an evil smile pressed on her face. She played evil even better than Lilith. Lilith probably was an angel compared to Amy.

“My mistress shouldn’t be taking orders, she should be giving them” Amy said harshly as if it were our fault.

Morrigan stifled a laugh. Amy’s head shot round to look at her directly.

“Something you find funny?”

“No, nothing. I was just wondering when they brought back the slave trade ‘cause that’s all you seem to be to me”.

Amy didn’t react. At first I thought it was because she didn’t know how but that scheming head of hers had waited long enough so that Ren would hear what Morrigan had to say. Before she knew it, Ren’s hand was wrapped around her throat. Well, her hand was poised to rip out her throat. Morrigan could easily have made a leader and her iron will seemed to be fighting against Ren’s so-called iron fist. Ren’s heart didn’t seem to be in killing Morrigan, though. Maybe it was because I’d dragged old memories up and she had softened. She let go of Morrigan’s throat, only to punch her in the face a second later.

“If you insult me or my protégé again, I will kill you. Very slowly and let me tell you this, Morrigan Gray, I will enjoy it” Ren said, leaning right in to Morrigan’s face. So close, she could have licked the blood that trickled down Morrigan’s mangled face.

She stepped back and motioned for the three of us to follow her. Adrianna cast Morrigan a pitying glance before trotting after Ren.

“Morrigan-“ I started.

“Just get going. If you don’t do what she says it’ll be a whole lot worse” she said, as if she didn’t know me but knew what I was.

Amy laughed before pushing Morrigan. “Finally you understand how this place works”

The End

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