My Name Is Ren, and If You Don't Do What I Say, I'll Kill You

“Now, there’s three leaders. Two of them are pretty savage, the third one’s like a lamb. He got forced into it and he’s too afraid to back out. Nonetheless, take out all the leaders, without them there’ll be no Nightstalkers” Nate said to Morrigan.

Tawny and Fang had both tried to convince her not to go but her mind was set on it. So Fang, Nate and Morrigan spent the day planning how she would sneak into the midst of The Nightstalkers and what she would do once she was inside. They finally decided she should use whatever means possible to get close to the three leaders, then quickly and efficiently despatch them. It wasn’t until about midnight that I got to speak to her on her own.

“You okay, kid? You don’t look too good” she said, a sad smile on her face.

“I’m fine. Morrigan, you’re not seriously doing this, are you?”

“Of course”.

“Why? If it’s because you want to prove yourself-“

“It’s just something I have to do”.

She tried to give me a reassuring smile but the sadness in her eyes betrayed it. She patted my shoulder and went off to find Nate. The Nightstalkers operated at night so the plan was to find them tonight. Around midnight was best. I couldn’t let her go alone. What if they killed her? We’d never know. If I went she’d at least have some back up. Granted a half-human half-vampire couldn’t do much but then again, Fang seemed to show up whenever I was in trouble. My fate was set in stone, I was going to follow Morrigan and the others couldn’t stop me. What would I be leaving behind anyway? One vampire who wanted me dead, two who were afraid of me and one who couldn’t care less. They wouldn’t miss me much.

Morrigan said her goodbyes and left. Sticking to the shadows, I snuck out through the half-open door. Did Morrigan know I was coming? Okay, that was the first test over. The second would be getting past the hermit. He never seemed to sleep. Luckily tonight his snores could be faintly heard outside his shack. Tawny had given him the offer of moving in to the manor but he seemed to prefer his shack. The third test was probably the hardest. I had to follow a vampire in the dark. A vampire who could walk without making a sound and move at superhuman speed. But tonight Morrigan had decided she was going to walk. I followed her with no problem to a small clearing in the foresty outskirts of town. Seven other what I assumed to be vampires were stood in the clearing. Some looked bold, some looked nervous. There was one who looked like he wanted to be sick. Morrigan waltzed into the clearing with an air of responsibility. The seven vampires looked at her and all shared a look of annoyance as she joined the line they were stood in. I took a deep breath and stepped out next to her. She gave me a sideways glance and shook her head, a silent laugh on her lips.

“Look, no one’s coming. I’m going” one of the vampires said.

“You’re going nowhere, Luc. Get back in line” another said.

“I don’t see the point. He’s right, nobody’s coming. We can at least get to know each other” a small girl next to Morrigan said.

“Break ranks and what will they think?” the second vampire barked.

“That we’re sociable” the girl said, stepping out of the line. Seven vampires and one human copied her.

Morrigan and the second vampire stood where they had been before.

“Hi, I’m Adrianna” the small girl said to me.

She had petite features and the overall appearance of a pixie.

“Hannah” I said. What, you didn’t think I was giving them my real name, did you?

“I’m Luc,” the vampire that had spoken first said. He sandy hair, skin, and mesmerising blue eyes, “And the mean old guy over there is Bruno He’s kind of like my big brother”.

Bruno was the vampire who had spoken out against Luc. The one who was stood where the line had been. I chatted with Adrianna and Luc for a while until I was distracted by Bruno. He was staring straight at me with beady black eyes. He had a gnarled face and he seemed to be locked in a permanent glare. He sniffed and a fire seemed to ignite in his eyes. He snarled but was silenced by the arrival of two more vampires. We all shot back into line instinctively.

“I finally get some new recruits and it’s this” one of the vampires said.

She had straight glossy black hair that fell to the middle of her back and silver eyes that seemed to glow like the moon. She had a slender figure that ran all the way along to her fingertips.

“Fine. Amy, check them over” she said with a sigh.

The second new vampire nodded and headed for Bruno who was first in line. She patted up and down him, pulling back his jacket to reveal a small dagger. The vampire took it off him and moved on to the next vampire, which happened to be Luc. By the time she got to me, the first vampire had removed a few of the others. The second vampire, Amy, glared at me as if there was something wrong with not bringing a weapon. She had blonde hair that glimmered like the stars and blue eyes almost as mesmerising as Luc’s. She smiled at me, exposing her teeth, which looked lethal enough without me having to feel them. She dashed back over to the first vampire and did a sort of curtsy.

“Right, those of you that are still here have been deemed worthy enough to serve The Nightstalkers. Do not take this as a personal compliment, I just got given requirements and you meet them. When you’re trained enough, you lucky six will make up the final part of the Hades Division. You’ll find out more if you don’t ask questions. Questions annoy me and you do not want to annoy me. You take your orders from me. Not from Travis, not from Trace, from me. In the event that I’m away or I reach an untimely demise you will take orders from my protégé, Amy. Finally, my name is Ren, and if you don’t do what I say, I’ll kill you”.

The End

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