A Vampire's Story: Volume Two

Hallie's back and she's taking on the forces of evil again. Except this time she's doing it alone. She'll have to face two bloodthirsty gang bosses and a protégé like the spawn of Satan, but is the mysterious Trace all he appears to be?

Over the past few months it had become clear to me that my death would be in some way or another caused by a vampire. Whether that vampire would be a friend or an enemy wasn’t for certain but it certainly wouldn’t be the venom that killed me. And this time around, Fang wouldn’t be there to save me. This time I’d gotten myself into this mess. She told Nate to look after me but I couldn’t leave Morrigan. Morrigan. That’s why I came here. She needed my help whether she admitted it or not. My only challenge now was getting past Ren and the demon seed. But they would never give up. Ren because a human had snuck into her ranks and remained undetected for as long as I had and her protégé because her loyalty exceeded that of a dog. This death, though, would be a real death. Ren wouldn’t just bite me, she would drain the blood from me and watch as I struggled. Who could ask for anything more?

The End

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