And the Angel Won

“What did you do?” Morrigan roared.

“It was necessary” Lilith said bluntly.

“You promised you’d leave her out of this”.

“No, sister, I promised I would leave her out of this provided we did not happen to cross paths. She was with Ren and had therefore re-involved herself”.

“You didn’t have to kill her! Wasn’t she part of your master plan to take over The Union?”

“Yes, and what better was than with a vampire army? The Nightstalkers should serve that purpose well”.

Morrigan was stuck for words. Morrigan “Wolftooth” Gray, her wit as sharp as her tongue, didn’t know what to say. And in the endless silence, I heard it. It was faint but it was definitely there. Hallie’s heart was working on its own. Neither of the twins had noticed it, they were too caught up in their own little world. Fang hadn’t heard it either. He had shrunk into himself and looked just about ready to give up. Okay, so we had the upper hand, everyone still thought Hallie was dead. A growl tore from Morrigan unlike anything I’d ever heard. Then I realised why she hadn’t spoken, because she couldn’t. The girl had worked herself into a rage. Rage is one of the best weapons in a vampire’s arsenal. The effects are different on each vampire but rage changes us for a while. A scrawny vampire could end up looking like the hulk but with less green. A slow vampire could end up running like Usain Bolt. Apparently Morrigan had gained the courage to fight the one person who had control over her. She leapt at her sister, who had just finished taking out the black lenses in her eyes. Lilith had always been fast. She had the reflexes of a cat and could catch things before anyone even knew they had fallen. Her trademark Phoenix had been pulled from its holster and fired before the lenses had even hit the ground.

“No!” I roared the words before my brain even registered what had happened.

Lilith turned her head and looked at me. The look in her eye was cold, hardened against her emotions. She didn’t care that she had just killed her sister.

“It was necessary” she said as bluntly as before and put Phoenix back in its holster.

“Just like killing Hallie was necessary?” I spat. I felt like I was talking to Cassadee.

“Finally! Someone who sees things my way!” she said but her joy died down as quickly as it had arrived.

“You just killed your own sister. The only family you have!”

“Family are a waste of time. Do families win wars? No, armies do”.

In the middle of the clearing, something stirred. It started in the ground and grew upwards, towards the sun, until it stood at the height of man. Something clunked on the ground. A bullet. Standing in the clearing as if nothing had happened, was Morrigan, blood snaked down her face. A look of panic spread across Lilith’s face.

“You…you should be dead” she said, fumbling around for Phoenix.

I followed the trail of blood up Morrigan’s face to a small hole in her forehead. The skin around it was giving off steam since she’d somehow forced the bullet out of her brain. She was a little shaky and swayed from side to side. Well, wouldn’t you if you’d just survived being shot in the head? Morrigan took a small slow step towards Lilith. The fear in Lilith’s eyes grew. She tried to get a grip on Phoenix but she couldn’t find it. Fear made her clumsy and she had never been this scared. She finally managed to pull Phoenix from its holster but Morrigan was only a few paces away from her.

“Get back, Morrigan, or I will shoot you!” Lilith screeched.

“No you won’t. That’s the thing, Lilith. I know you. And I know you never take more bullets than you need; one for the target and one for yourself in case things end badly. See, now Ren was your target but you used that one on Hallie. And you, uh, you wasted your kamikaze shot on me so by my math, you’re out of ammo”.

Lilith, clearly unnerved by Morrigan’s statement, turned Phoenix on me. “How about we test your theory on your little boyfriend?”

“He isn’t my boyfriend. As much as I wish he were, he isn’t. Bu still, go ahead, I know you don’t have any bullets”.

Lilith hesitated. I started to wonder if Lilith did actually have any bullets left. What if Hallie and Ren had been her targets and she still had one with her own name on it? But then there was the fact that she turned Phoenix on me. That was only something people did when they were desperate, wasn’t it? Lilith looked from me to her sister. She looked just about ready to give in. That’s one of the problems with rage, you lose all sense of justice and morality. Even though it was her sister she was fighting and the look in Lilith’s eye was one of defeat, Morrigan still charged at her like a feral cat. Lilith had never been much of a fighter, that’s why she relied on Phoenix. I could only watch as Morrigan attacked her. Morrigan had always had a weird opinion about fighting. She said fighting was like dancing and that if you got one thing wrong you ruined the whole routine. And while she attacked her sister, it just looked like she was dancing. I knew it was over when I heard the sickening crunch of ribs being forced inwards. Morrigan took a step back as her sister fell to the ground, chest heaving and a pool of blood gathering around her. She’d done some pretty sick things to Hallie but she still didn’t deserve that. When a vampire’s heart is punctured it takes hours to die, unlike humans who only take a few minutes. And those hours are filled with pain.

“How does it feel to die the same way as Hallie?” Morrigan spat and stumbled backwards.

She turned and took a few steps towards me. The rage was gone from her eyes but there was still a hole in her forehead. She slumped to her knees and looked at me.

“Guess I should have dragged that out a bit, huh?” she said and fell face first into the snow.

I didn’t know how much she’d healed herself during her rage session and I could only hope it was enough for her to come back. I turned to Fang and watched him slowly come back from outer space as I told him Hallie was alive. He offered to carry Morrigan but I said he should take Hallie. After all, his face should be the one she sees when she wakes up. I took Morrigan instead. She was lighter than I thought she’d be and I started thinking about what Tawny had said. What if I did love Morrigan? Evidently she loved me but I didn’t love her, did I? And then there was Cassadee. For some reason I just couldn’t let go of her. Even when I’d been kissing Hallie that night, part of my mind had been telling me it wasn’t fair on Cassadee. But nonetheless, Fang and me carried the two girls back to the sleepy little town of Apollo’s Arrow to await their fate.

The End

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