Fighting With the Family

Tawny’s voice drew me out of my trance. She seemed to be shouting at me about something and was picking through the wreckage of the front room.

“Your fault! My inheritance, my history, all gone now! All because of you! And the twins… When I find them! You don’t have anything against me permanently realigning Morrigan’s face, do you?” she shouted, her naturally high pitch turning it into more of a screech.

“Why should I care what you do to Morri’s face?”

“Well, you’re such a shallow child I thought you might not love her anymore if she wasn’t pretty” Tawny said harshly.

“Hey, I am not in love with Morrigan”.

“Yes you are, Aya, you just don’t see it because you’re too busy lusting after something you can’t have!”

“Lusting after what? You’re crazy, Tawny”

“And you’re a spoilt prince who after all this time is still used to getting what he wants! The twins have destroyed part of my family history; do you not understand why I’m upset?! I only just found out who I was before this,” she kind of gestured at herself, “and now part of it’s gone!”

“Tawny, I think you just need to calm down”

“I am calm, Aya. I’m as calm as I could possibly be right now”.

“Tawny, this is not calm. Calm is being chillaxed, just hanging out and not being bothered about stuff”.

“There you go again! Ooh, the crown prince of Persia thinks he knows what calm is. Calm is when you don’t have to be angry about anything and I have quite a few things to be angry about!”

“Tawny” I sighed.

“Don’t Tawny me! This is all your fault!”

“How is it my fault?”

“I know what you did” she said, stopping what she was doing.


“Last night. I know where you were and I know what you did”.

“Last night? I was out fee-“

“No you weren’t! You were at Hallie’s! You gave her your blood because she hadn’t been feeding and you kissed her. That’s why she came here, that’s why the twins came here and that’s why they destroyed the front room!”

“I’m sure your beloved hermit can help clear it up” I sulked. She’d found out my secret and knowing Tawny, she’d tell Fang the second he came through the door.

“Oh, shut up, you spoilt little child. You’re so used to getting your own way”.

“I’m the spoilt one? You’ve still got your family history and all your posh crap! I lost everything when Cassadee turned me! All I can do is read about my home in books and on google. I can read about the mysterious disappearance of Prince Asad the night before his coronation. Do you know what that does to me?!”

“If it bothers you that much why don’t you just take off to Iran! I’m sure they’d welcome you with open arms”.

“Maybe I should. The French are all up themselves anyway”.

“Get out” Tawny said viciously.


“Get out! I am sick and tired of you insulting everyone! You’re in love with Morrigan, I know it, but you’re too busy trying to impress Hallie. Don’t you get it, Aya? She doesn’t want you. Maybe it’ll take you seeing her die because of you to realise that”.

“And how exactly am I supposed to get to California?”

Tawny sighed. “They’re not going to California”.

“What do you mean they’re not going to California?”

“I mean they’re not going to California. Fang only said that so nobody would know where they were going. If nobody knew where they were they wouldn’t risk being found out”.

“So where did they go?”

“Upstate, they were headed for some town called Pleasant Valley but they might have stopped off somewhere on the way”.

“Pleasant Valley… Which way?”

“I just told you! It’s upstate!”

“Upstate where?”

“I don’t know! It’s where Fang comes from!”

If I’d been a smart little so-and-so I would have gotten a map book and checked out where Pleasant Valley was. But stupid me decided to just get in my car, kick the driver’s door in because Morrigan had pissed off with the tyres and walk upstate in a general direction. Genius.

The End

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