I raced through the trees, trying to find Hallie’s scent. There it was. It was strong, too strong. And then I saw her. Lying in a pool of her own blood as the snow began to fall heavily. I ran forward and propped her head up. She was bleeding from her chest and I could hear that her heart was failing.

“F-Fang, it…it was Aya. I…I drank his blood a-and I kissed him. I’m so sorry” she said weakly and her heart stopped.

I sat with her dying body in my arms. She was dead and all I felt was hunger. I couldn’t risk biting her. I had killed her. I’d fought so hard to keep her alive and it was I who would be her death. I kissed the top of her head, breathing in her odd scent of hazelnuts, roses and old parchment. I heard footsteps and looked round. There stood Hallie’s real killer, arrogant as ever. Ayumu.

The End

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