We had run for a good mile or two until Amy had to stop. All the running had forced the splinter deeper into her arm and she was bleeding heavily. She leant against the first tree I had seen in weeks. Ren looked at her arm and shook her head.

“This wont be pretty. And it’ll hurt like hell” she said, examining the wound a little closer.

“Is there anything I can do?” I asked, feeling like a nurse.

“No, this needs strength and precision at a level you haven’t yet achieved. I suggest you try and find a way home. The road should be that way.” She said and pointed to a cluster of trees, “And kid, good luck. You’re alright”.

I thanked Ren and Amy for everything, even the bad stuff, and set off in search of the road. The ever present snow clouds decided to spill some of their glittering contents, leaving a thin layer of snow on the ground, the foundations for a heavier storm. Something about the scene didn’t seem right. For starters, the cluster of trees seemed out of place. The landscape had been pretty bare up until now but I now found myself stood in the middle of a circle of trees. There were no birdcalls, which wasn’t that odd for this time of year though it was slightly unnerving. Someone joined me in the clearing. It was hard to see who it was at first since they were coming through the trees, but once they were through it was clear from the arrangement of colours who it was. Morrigan. Her hair and eyes were black and she wore her usual tight gothic dress.

“Hallie, I’m so glad I found you. It’s Lilith, she’s gone mad. Something’s changed in her” she said, strolling towards me.

Now, forgive me for being a little too trusting but I may have started jogging over to her. The clearing was at least thirty feet across and I didn’t get very far before BANG! I stopped running and looked down as I felt something warm start to spread across my chest. I crumpled to the ground as the snow began to fall. My pathetic human heart tried to pump the blood round my system despite the fact that there was now a hole in it. Someone propped me up and Fang’s familiar scent washed over me. The shame of what I’d done just a few weeks before was heavy on my shoulders. If I was going to die I would tell Fang the truth first.

“F-Fang, it…it was Aya. I…I drank his blood a-and I kissed him. I’m so sorry” I said faintly and stopped breathing.

The End

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