The Release

I headed back into the hall. I had to find Ren. I was well aware that the concealer Ren had applied to my face was now sliding down it from the tears and it must have looked like I’d been attacked. I didn’t care that Ren had beaten me up. I didn’t care that Ren had wanted to kill me. Something inside me was telling me I couldn’t let her die. Just like something had been telling Fang something big was coming. I looked around the hall. I saw Amy talking to a handsome gent around her age.  I ran over to her. If she didn’t know where Ren was, nobody would.

“We Southern gentleman take our time with a fine lady such as yourself. Unlike our Northern brothers we only want to make our lady happy” he was saying. Amy didn’t seem to buy it.

“Amy, where’s Ren?” I demanded, slamming my hands on the table for emphasis.

“How should I know? I’m just your bodyguard”.

“Uh, miss? Your friend and myself were in the middle of something” the gent said.

“Don’t get your hopes up, sugar. You’re not my type.” Amy said bitter sweetly and turned her attention to me, “Why do you want to see Ren all of a sudden?”

“So what is your type?” he asked icily.

“Northern. You know, the type that won the civil war” Amy said, not taking her eyes off me.

“I just need to speak to her” I said.

“Last time I saw her she was fighting off a group of drooling men. Even with the scar she’s more beautiful than anyone here”.

“That’s what it always comes down to, isn’t it? The civil war. It’s in the past, and sure it is a great shame of ours but-”

“Piss off, Fangs! She’s not interested!” I shouted without meaning to.

Both Amy and the Southern gent looked shocked.

“What did you say?” Amy asked.

That’s what I need to talk to Ren about! Now, where is she?”

“Come with me”

Amy got up, pushing back the growling Southern vampire, and led me out of the hall. Ren was stood just outside talking to Elli’s father. She looked a little distressed, almost panicked. Did she already know?

“Ren, Hallie wants to talk to you” Amy said, causing Ren to turn her head. If she already knew she wouldn’t have been so careless.

“Ren, it’s a trap! The twins set this whole thing up. Elli’s gonna kill Fang and Lilith’s gonna kill you!” I shouted.

“That’s a pretty wild accusation. I think someone’s had a little too much to drink” Ren said without taking her eyes off me. She turned to Elli’s dad, “I hope you don’t mind if the three of us leave now. My sister isn’t the most likeable person when she’s drunk”.

“Of course not, Ren, it was great havin’ ya here” Elli’s dad said, bowed as if he were going to take Ren on in a karate match and walked back into the hall without a second glance.

“I think somebody needs to go back on the beam” she whispered harshly and led me away from the hall.


Okay, now that I was awake I was going to put up a fight. Amy’s face came into contact with a few of my punches and Ren took most of my kicks but they still managed to chain my waist to the beam. It was around this time that I wished I’d learnt karate. I’d always loved the movie The Karate Kid. Hell, I even called my pet goldfish Mr. Miyagi. There was a karate school, sorry dojo, in the city and Dad had checked it out, found out how much it cost. He even got me a free lesson. But I just couldn’t be bothered to learn. I don’t think I even made it to white belt level.

“You can stay here until you calm down” Ren snapped.

Amy was a little hesitant. “Ren, she was right last time. Maybe you should just listen to her”.

“I’ll listen but I won’t pay attention”.

“I heard Morrigan talking to Elli’s dad in the bathroom. Elli’s going to kill Fang and Lilith’s going to kill you. With you gone I’m guessing she’s going to take over The Nightstalkers. I mean, what better way for her to take down The Union?” I said a little breathlessly. The chains were a tad too tight and I couldn’t catch my breath.

“She’d never do it. Even with me dead there’s still Trace. Not to mention I’m sure Christopher’s taken over already. There are plenty of leaders in The Nightstalkers, they just have to wait for the right time”.

“Ren, didn’t Lilith provide the funding for the agency?” Amy asked quietly.

“Yes, she did. And since when did you call me Ren?”

“Since I stopped being your protégé and started being your friend. Please, let Hallie go and we’ll go somewhere else, start again. Isn’t that what Alex wanted you to do?”


Ren was silent for a while. She pulled a key from her pocket and walked to the back of the beam. Something clicked behind me and the chains fell away from my waist. I stepped away from the beam and Amy smiled. Something outside the door ticked gently. Amy heard it too. She looked round at the door. The ticking increased and we heard a low whistle. The next thing we knew, the door had exploded and there were shards of wood flying everywhere. A huge splinter embedded itself in Amy’s arm and she cried out. Stepping through the doorway was Lilith. And I knew it was Lilith because her hair and eyes were pure white. She already had her gun out, a startling contrast against the white of her skin and her fingerless gloves. She kicked a splinter out of her way and aimed her gun at Ren. A crack splintered the air. The tiny bullet soared towards Ren. She ducked out of the way just in time. The bullet thwacked into the drywall and left a spider-like crack. Amy, without warning, threw herself against the crack. The drywall crumbled and she fell through the hole. Ren grabbed my wrist and we fled through the hole to the outside world

The End

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