If I Could Marry You, I Would

The chapel was a small one and seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. I wondered why a rich Texan would marry his daughter in a place like this. My mind wandered back to Fang. I wondered where he was, how he was doing, how he felt about what he had to do. If I could have seen him I would have told him not to kill this girl. I would have told him that I’d be fine in a few days time. No, it was less than a few days. Time had been almost absent in the room I was held in and I’d tried my best to count off the days. I’d thought it was four days ‘til my birthday but it wasn’t. It was the day after tomorrow. Today was January 3rd. At midnight on the 5th I would be eighteen and a full vampire.

Even from the outside, you could tell the chapel was dressed to the nines. Ren had waltzed off, no doubt to find this rich Texan guy, and left me in the “care” of Amy. We hung back in the sidelines, purposely keeping away from Fang. I guess Ren had ordered Amy not to let Fang and I come into contact. Then again, it might just have been her own common sense. When the time came, Amy led me into the chapel, Ren close behind. Inside, the chapel was dressed entirely in white. White ribbons hung from the antique candelabras. Huge white bows sat on either end of the pews. The stained glass windows, depicting various saints doing various saintly things, cast a mottled rainbow of light into the chapel, giving the room some life. The vicar (or priest, I don’t know how high up he was) was too dressed in entirely white and most of the guests seemed to be wearing light pastel colours. I must have stuck out like a sore thumb. I must have looked like one too in my blood red dress. Stood just a few inches in front of the vicar was Fang. He wore a crisp black suit and looked incredibly uncomfortable. The almost intolerable hubbub of Texan accents overwhelmed me and I would have given anything to hear Nate’s softer accent.  The sound of an organ pierced the air and everyone rose from their seats. Fang seemed even more uncomfortable. He looked around and caught my eye. Only then did he seem to relax and just go with what was happening. The bride, a pretty girl with delicate blonde curls and a heart-shaped face, sashayed down the aisle. Her father, who had a Hulk Hogan look about him, walked with her, a smile on his face. If only the poor girl knew it wasn’t because he was happy for her. She, on the other hand, looked genuinely happy to be there. Her dress was simple yet reeked of wealth. It was traditional white and had a long poofy skirt. At the small of her back was a huge white bow, which hid the attempted bow at the end of her corset. She had a delicate looking tiara which held in place a net veil which fell to her cheek bones. She looked like a princess.

The ceremony went by without a hitch. Ren had obviously been expecting me to object at the appropriate time and was edgy until the moment had passed. The reception, however, was a different story. Texans plus alcohol equals loudness and arguments. Ren had disappeared to talk to somebody and Amy just seemed bored. Fang and the bride, Elli, had their first dance and Elli soon rushed off to gossip with her bridesmaids. The sound of laughter filled the lushly decorated hall as Ren and Elli’s father danced to some hit from the seventies. Fang walked over to the table Amy and I were sat at and she tensed, glaring at Fang.

“Hallie, would you like to dance?” he asked.

I looked at Amy. “Whatever. I don’t care. Just don’t make Ren mad” she said, looking at her nails.

I took Fang’s hand and he led me on to the dance floor. Elli was dancing with a handsome young gentleman and didn’t seem to mind the two f us dancing.  The song changed to one of those cheesy old love songs and all the couples took to the floor.

“How are you?” Fang asked, letting me lean my head on his shoulder. It was nice but I have to admit it hurt a little.

“I’m fine. You don’t have to kill her, you know”.

“Unfortunately, if I don’t the twins will kill you. If you die as a human you wont come back”.

“They wont kill me. They said themselves that they need me alive because I’m the only one who can take down The Union”.

Fang sighed. It felt odd leaning against him and not hearing a heartbeat. Elli looked over, a displeased look on her face, but swiftly turned back to her young gentleman.

“I feel like I’ve robbed something from you. This should be your wedding” he said softly.

“So marry me later. When I’m like you”.

“If I could marry you, I would”.

“Why can’t you?”

“Who do you know that will marry the dead?”

“Correction, the undead. And if you get some fake I.D. and stuff then a plain old registrar can do it”.

Fang sighed again. “Hallie, you smell different today”.

“It’s just the vampire in me”.

“No, you smell different. I… I don’t love you today” he said and broke away from me as the song ended. His eyes were glazed over and distant.

He dreamily walked over to his wife and put an arm around her waist. It was too much for me. I ran for the restroom to cry in privacy. Through my sobs I heard talking and the door being opened so I dashed into a stall and shut the door.

“You’re sure she doesn’t know?” asked Elli’s dad.

“She isn’t aware of a thing” an English accent said. Was it Lilith or Morrigan? What did they have to do with this?

“How much do I stand to get for this shenanigan?”

“We were thinking several hundred”.

“I was thinking something more material”.

“Seventy litres then”.

“It’s a deal. What’s happenin’ anyways?”

“Your daughter will remove her assassin from the picture and my sister will remove Ren”.

“She seems like a nice enough girl”.

“Trust me, the world will be a better place without her”.

The two of them left the room and I crawled out of my hiding place. I had to find Ren. I had to warn her.

The End

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