It's A Nice Day For A White Wedding

Ren had beaten the living daylight out of me. It was less than a week ‘til my eighteenth birthday and I’d spent most of the time asleep. If I was asleep I wouldn’t be aware of the pain that had been with me since the car crash. When I was awake, Morrigan came to keep me company. No matter how much I tried to convince her, she wouldn’t believe me that she wasn’t the evil twin. And then a few a days ago, she stopped visiting.


Amy bounced into the room, which was now illuminated by sunlight, and checked my bindings. She giggled as she tightened the bindings around my wrists, which had loosened with all the blood that flowed on to them. My throat was raw where the wire bit in to it and even breathing was painful.

“We need you looking pretty today” Amy said as she uncoiled the wire from around my neck.

I can’t explain how it felt being free of the wire. It must be the way birds feel when they’re released from a cage. Amy, who looked a lot prettier than I remembered, wrapped a bandage around my throat and it must have looked like a choker.

“But not too pretty. After all, it’s not your special day and we don’t want the groom lusting after you”.

“You’ve kept me locked up in here to go to a wedding?” I asked, gritting my teeth against the pain that sparked when I spoke.

“No, we kept you here to be our leverage. The wedding is just one of our terms”.

“So why do I have to go?”

Amy looked shocked. “Well, I would have thought you’d want to go to Fang’s wedding”.


“Oh, I’m sorry. Did no one tell you he was getting married?” the sarcasm in her voice was as sharp as a knife. And it pierced my heart.

Maybe it’s some kind of psychology thing but when she said it was Fang’s wedding I realised how much he meant to me. I wanted it to be me he was marrying, not someone that he was being forced to. My mind wandered to an experiment they did on little kids where they gave one a rattle or something and gave another one candy. The first kid could have been loving the rattle but as soon as it sees the candy it loses interest. Was Aya the rattle and Fang the candy?

“Ren’s going to have a little chat with you beforehand, though. I wouldn’t upset her, either. The only reason you’re going is so Fang can see that you’re still alive” Amy hissed in my ear.

And, as if on cue, Ren strode into the room.  She wore a white blouse, which was almost as pale as her skin, and a knee-length black skirt. It was smart but suitable for a wedding too. She wore her scar proudly and I couldn’t help but wonder how she’d gotten it.

“The werewolf” she said, as if she had read my mind.


“My scar. The werewolf gave it to me”.

“I thought vampires didn’t-”

“Besides humans, werewolves are the only living things that can kill us. If a werewolf doesn’t kill you, it leaves a mark”.

“Miss Ren, you should not dwell on the past. Soon enough you will be able to take your revenge” Amy said, hovering next to Ren.

“It’s not the past that concerns me, it’s the future”.

“Miss Ren” Amy said sympathetically.

Ren shook her head and turned back to me. “Listen, and listen closely, this wedding has to run smoothly. As smooth as possible. See, since you brought down The Nightstalkers, I’ve been busy. Set up a little hit agency. We make a fair amount of money. Anyway, some rich Texan guy has to marry his daughter off to inherit a whole heap of money but he wants his daughter out of the picture. In fact, he’s wanted her gone for a long time now. So, instead of getting our hands dirty, we’re sending Fang in on this one. If he can kill an innocent, you can walk out of here like none of this ever happened. Now, a little back story info. I’m somehow friends with this rich guy, Amy’s my cousin and you’re my baby sister, understand?”

I knew it wasn’t a question. I nodded, wincing slightly, and the two of them finished unbinding me. They threw me into a smart summery dress which was a deep red colour, no doubt to hide any blood that I would no doubt manage to get on it, and wrapped some bandages around my wrists. I was about to ask how they’d explain them but they wound them down over my palms and informing me that I’d been clumsy when I was cooking. The two vampires didn’t need to bother with makeup, they were pretty enough without it, and I doubt there was much makeup could do for me in my state. They marched me out of the room and into the blinding sunlight.

The End

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