The History of the Twins

I woke up stood against a wooden beam. Something bit into my wrists, which were tied behind the beam, and I felt the all too familiar feeling of dried blood on my skin. There were chains snaked around my waist and my legs were bound so tight that it must have been cutting off the circulation. Wherever I was was intensely dark and I could barely see in front of my nose. I stood in the dark for what seemed like hours, straining my ears for any sounds. Eventually I heard footsteps and a small table lamp flickered to life.

“Hallie, it pains me to do this” the familiar beautiful English accent said.

I heard the rustling of a dress and guessed it was Morrigan. Lilith tended to wear kimonos and baggy tops and jeans. I sensed someone behind me.

“But you could have saved yourself a lot of trouble if you had just joined us”.

There were hands either side of my head. Something glimmered in front of me and then disappeared. Something felt tight around my neck and the glimmering thing was in front of me again. This happened a few more times until I heard a ping and Morrigan stood in front of me, a ball of metal wire in her hand.

“Be grateful it was me who bound you and not my sister. I have left you a little room to move but I would still be careful. Try and move too much and the wire will cut that pretty little neck of yours”.

“Why are you doing this, Morrigan?” I asked, leaning forward slightly and feeling the bite of the wire around my throat.

She shrugged her shoulders. “It’s what I was told to do”.

“By who? By whoever this Blue-Scar is?”

“By my sister. And you will meet Blue-Scar in good time. In fact, it will be somewhat of a reunion for the three of us” Morrigan said sweetly and left the room.


It was literally hours before Morrigan returned. I had ignored her warning about not moving too much and I could hear my blood dripping onto the ground. The cuts around my wrists had reopened, made all the more sore by the fact that whatever bound me was now directly in my flesh. The chains had started to rub against my ribcage and I knew I’d have some pretty impressive bruises. Morrigan pulled up a chair and sat facing me, a bored look on her face.

“Why are you here?” I asked icily.

“My sister and Blue-Scar are striking a deal with dear Fang. If he does what we want, you go free. It will never happen, though”.

“So why are you here? Why aren’t you bargaining or whatever?”

“I understand you must be curious as to how both Lilith and myself became vampires.” She said, completely ignoring my question, “Our transformation was somewhat more unpleasant than most. We were not turned out of love or compassion because we were dying. We were turned as part of some sick experiment”.

Okay, I have to admit she had my interest. Not to mention listening to her took my mind away from the pain I was in. My leg felt like it was breaking again from where I’d been stood up so long. They had taken the cast off my arm and, while it felt nice to finally have my arm back in the open air, it didn’t feel completely healed. I was in agony.

“Some vampire who called himself a scientist had certain theories about identical twins and the act of vampirification. In fact, he had three theories: that both twins would die, that the weaker twin would die or that both twins would exist in the same body. I kind of live-in schizophrenia, I suppose. All his previous experiments had supported his theories until he tested Lilith and myself. We’d had exactly the same amount of venom injected into us at exactly the same time in exactly the same spot. And we both lived, making us his most prized possessions. However, the thing that baffled him was the fact that our eyes and hair had completely changed colour. It seems that during our transformation our spirits reached out to each other, somehow creating a good and evil twin. Our allegiance was represented in our appearance. But now that my sister is succumbing to the ways of darkness we are becoming identical again. Two halves of the same whole”.

“Surely if you’re becoming the same that means you’re following the light”.

“Do not even suggest such a foul thing. I’ve a good mind to tighten that wire but we need you alive. You are the only one strong enough to take down The Union”.

“Morrigan, I know you. You’re not evil. Even if you told me under oath I wouldn’t believe it for a second”.

“You are blinded by human adoration” she said bitterly, standing up and checking my bindings.

“No I’m not. You think I’d admire someone who broke my arm? If anything, I hate you but you’re not-” my words were cut short as I erupted into an agonised scream. Morrigan was pressing down on my arm exactly where she had broken it and I knew she was enjoying my reaction.

Before I knew what had happened, there was a blinding pain in my leg. I tried to look down but only succeeded in cutting my throat further. Pained tears trickled down my face as the stream of blood coming from my neck thickened.

“Leave the runt alone. She won’t fare so well after I’m through with her” yet another familiar voice said.

The twins stepped away from me. Lilith had a look of elated glee on her face. I heard two sets of footsteps, one strong and full of purpose, the other light and somewhat delicate. I waited for the owners of the footsteps to enter my field of vision but when they did I shrunk back as best I could. Stood in front of me, paler and with a deep blue scar running down her left eye and cheek, was Ren.

The End

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