Fight or Flight

“I hear you haven’t been feeding since you left us” he said sternly.

“You hear correctly” I said, a little too hyper for my own good.

“I also hear you consumed a rather large amount of vampire blood last night”.

I nodded. For a few seconds I managed to keep eye contact with him. My eyes were darting around like crazy things and Fang had clearly noticed it.

“It’s not healthy for you, Hallie. It’s bad enough that you’ve been starving yourself, but to drink the blood of your own species…”

“In case you haven’t noticed, Fang, I’m not one of you. Not yet. I’m still human and frankly I’m more alive than you’ll ever be” I snapped.

I cried out in shock as he grabbed my arms.

“You call yourself a human but whose blood do you feast on? You call yourself a human yet in a few weeks time being within ten feet of a human will be enough to drive you mad. Since the day of your birth you have never truly been human, just something stuck in the middle. And as for being more alive than me. You’ve been dying since the day you were born, I’m already dead. What kind of a life is it that you’re living? What you have is not life, just prolonged death. I can think of nothing worse”.

Fang’s grip on my arms was tight but it wasn’t hurting me. Yet for some reason I found myself crying. And even though he had just shouted at me, I found myself seeking comfort from Fang. He wrapped me in a hug and apologised roughly thirty times before I stopped crying. His shirt was drenched and I could see his muscles underneath.

“I shouldn’t have snapped at you. I guess I’ve been grouchy lately, I haven’t been able to stomach anything. Can you forgive me?” he said softly into my ear.

“Of course. It was my fault anyway”.

“Hallie, I have something important to tell you. Morrigan was asking for you the other day. It seems the twins have picked up two helpers, one of which we know goes by the name Blue-Scar. We believe they intend to launch an attack on the manor and take you as their prize. We can protect you well enough here but it might be wise to relocate until your transformation” he said calmly.

“There’s four of them and five of use. I say we go”.

“Surely the odds are in our favour”.

“That’s what they want us to think. But look at us, Fang. A good fighter who’s starving himself, another two who are only good if you insult the other, Aya whose judgement is clouded by vengeance, Tawny and me. They wont be counting on us leaving”.

“What about Fate?”

“I’ll tell him I’m going on vacation. It’s not like we’re really going out. I only kissed him”.

A small smile spread across his face but disappeared as quickly as it had come. “You kissed me”.

“That was different”.

Fang smiled again and led me back into the front room. None of the others had moved. They all looked like statues and it reminded me of something I didn’t want to remember. Fang strode over to Tawny and whispered something. They stood in discussion for at least an hour. Nate and Trace watched them, no doubt trying to work out what they were saying. Aya kept his eyes fixed on me. I didn’t like it.

“Alright, Tawny and I have come to a decision. I’m going to take Hallie to California” Fang said to the others.

“California? That’s a little far, isn’t it?” Aya asked, finally detaching his eyes from me.

“We had to choose the least obvious place. Besides, I have reliable contacts in California”.


“Nathalie and C.J. Miller, Indy Marshall and Joséf. I can never remember his last name”.

“Indy? No, no way. Indy’ll turn her in the blink of an eye”.

“Indy is someone I can trust”.

“Indy is practically insane. She is a nine hundred year old trapped in the body of a sixteen year old”.

“And for that reason we have to respect her judgement” Tawny said, mouthing something at Aya.

The plan was for Fang and Tawny to escort me back home. I would pack some clothes and anything else I needed and they would take me to the airport. Fang personally didn’t want to fly, he was happy driving across country. He said it would give us more time to prepare but we all knew it was because of his fear of heights. I didn’t mind either, really. I’d only ever flown once and it didn’t bother me but I kind of liked long drives. Our plan, however, didn’t exactly run as planned. Fang had finally convinced Aya to give him his car keys when the front door, well, exploded. Stood where the door had once been was Morrigan, her left arm extended and her hand curled in a fist. At least, I assume it was Morrigan. Lilith stood behind her but the two of them were so alike it was unbelievable. They both had light brown hair and the same chocolate eyes. The only difference was their dress sense, though they were dressed similarly on this particular afternoon.

“These doors, they are not built the way they used to be” Lilith sighed and stepped past her sister.

“Fang, get Hallie out of here,” Aya said concealing a growl, “I’m going to rip this one to shreds”.

“I wouldn’t bother with the car, Fang. My dear clumsy sister has misplaced the wheels”.

“Fang, just run!” Aya roared, edging towards Lilith.

I didn’t have time to see what happened as Fang picked me up bridal style and slipped through the back door in the kitchen.

The End

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