Back To the House of Dragonflies

He was just gone. I couldn't believe that he was gone. He hadn't even moved. But there was the door, still swinging with the force he used to open it. Even though I was fully clothed I felt naked. With Aya gone, I felt like I'd been stripped bare and left as an exhibit in some dusty old museum. I looked around the room. Quite a few pieces of furniture had been thrown out of the way and a few ornaments had gotten broken during the events that had transpired. At least cleaning up would keep me busy. I picked up a lamp that had fallen on the floor and tutted when I saw the bulb had smashed. I became aware of the fact that someone was stood in the still open doorway.

"Halz?" the someone asked, obviously not seeing me.

"Braeden! Hi! Come in!" I practically sang the words at him. Aya may have just disappeared after we nearly slept with each other but I'd never felt better.

"How're you doing?" he asked, stepping into the house.

"I'm fine! I'm brilliant! I've never been better!"

Braeden turned his nose up as I began mopping up the blood that had gotten spilled last night. I'd made sure to put the bag away before I did anything else. I turned to face Braeden and laughed as he blushed so deep the tips of his ears went pink.

"Oh, sorry" I said and buttoned up my shirt.

"So, how were you last night?"

"Fine. I took some pills for the nausea and looked some stuff up in Dad's medical dictionary. It wasn't anything serious" I said as I cleaned up.

"You've certainly got some colour back in your cheeks".

I buzzed around and had the entire room back to normal within half an hour. Then, before Braeden knew what had hit him, he had been bustled out of the house and into his car.

"Hey, I'll see you later. I've got to go meet someone" I beamed and sprinted off into the woods.

I was halfway to Libellule Manor when I suddenly decided to find Fate. That wasn't hard to do since he used to hang out in the woods after school. It was the afternoon already, had I really slept that long? I found him pretty soon since I used one of my more permanent vampire abilities; a heightened sense of smell. He was sat with his back to me, playing something on his guitar and singing quietly to himself. I crept up behind him and listened to what he was singing.

"You look so beautiful to me,

With your high-tops on,

And your favourite song,

Loud in your ears.

You don't hear me,

You don't see me,

In the dark corners of your room,

Just think of all the trouble we could get in to".

"Fate! I love it!" I squealed and hugged him.

"Hallie! Wh... What are you doing here?" he choked, pink rushing to his cheeks.

"I came to see you! And to give you this".

I pulled him up by his chin and gave him a full on snog. I pulled away and he took a step back in shock. A huge grin spread across his face and he giggled. I blew him a kiss and disappeared back on my way to Libellule Manor. And I heard Fate start working on a new song.

I reached the manor in no time at all. I was going so fast today it felt like I'd taken a huge amount of speed. I knocked on the door and the hermit answered. He still looked like a crab. He was a little more toned, though. Muscle crab, I like it. I smiled at him and stepped past him while he just stood there looking shocked. The five vampires sat in the front room. I guess Nate had snuck Trace in while Aya was out. Fang looked tired and pale. Tawny was somewhere in between happy and worried. It was hard to tell how Nate and Trace looked because they were too busy smooching. And Aya just looked uncomfortable. He looked uncomfortable because Nate and Trace were kissing right next to him. And he looked uncomfortable because he was clearly trying not to think of a particular event that had recently happened.

"Miss Hallie" the hermit announced.

The three vampires that weren't kissing all looked to the door where I was stood. I waved at them and headed further into the room. It took a few seconds for the vampires to realise who had just walked in to their nest.

"Hallie!" Tawny squeaked and jumped up to wrap me in a hug.

Fang's face seemed to light up and he looked more like his former self. Aya, on the other hand, just looked a little ill. The couple waved at me without disconnecting and then turned their full attention back to smooching.

"What are you doing back?" Tawny asked, hugging me for the fifth time.

"I though I'd drop by, see how everybody was. I'm fine. I just got myself a boyfriend, actually".

"Is it that little blonde guy? He sure smelt fine" Nate said and Trace slapped him playfully on the arm.

"No, actually it's Emo Elf".

"The bean pole?" Aya asked, sounding a tad jealous.

Now, what was it I came here to do? Oh yeah, ask about blood memories.

"Tawny, you know blood memories? Could someone drink a vampire's blood without seeing anything?" I asked, cutting short one of Aya's rants about "the bean pole" being a weakling. He shifted uncomfortably when he realised what I'd asked.

"Sure. We have to add memories to our blood to share them. Think of it like coffee. If we don't want to share memories it's black, if we do it's got some milk in it" Tawny said with a puzzled expression.

"Oh, I get it now. Thanks" I said happily.

"Hallie, we need to talk" Fang said and led me out of the room.

The End

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