Isn't It Funny What Blood Can Do To You?

Aya groaned beside me. I looked up from his arm and saw he was leaning back with his eyes shut. His usual tan was lighter, as if he hadn't been in the sun for a while. His face was twisted in a mix of pain and pleasure.

"Aya?" I asked, feeling better than I had in weeks.

He stirred but didn't open his eyes. "Feeling better?" he asked. He sounded tired. No, more than tired, exhausted.

"I'm fine. But, what about you?"

"I've lost more blood than this before, sport. Don't worry about me".

He tried to stand but gave up after a while. He looked at me. His eyes were dull and glassy. He wiped some of the crimson blood from my lips and smiled. He looked at it with hunger in his eyes. I stood and walked into the kitchen to retrieve one of Tawny's "leaving presents". Aya practically tore it out of my hands when I gave it to him. I watched him guzzle down the liquid, which I must admit was a little congealed, and felt hunger start to rise in me as some of it spilled down over his chin. The colour slowly started coming back to his skin as he drank it down. He'd never looked more handsome. And the line of blood that dribbled down and dripped off his chin was all I could think about. I wiped it off with my finger and tasted it. I could already tell which blood type it was: A positive. Aya dropped the bag and what little blood was left and looked at me. I drank some of the blood but my hunger wasn't sated in the slightest. At that point we both realised what it was we were hungering for.

Within seconds our lips were crushed against each other. My arms wrapped around the back of his neck and his arms hugged my waist. I ran my hands through his hair, which was minutely longer than when I had last seen him. It was soft like cat fur. I could have stayed there forever but unfortunately I had to breathe. I disconnected to take a breath. Aya tilted his head back, his eyes closed and a look of pure bliss on his face. I trailed kisses up his neck, starting at the hollow of his throat then up and across his delicate jaw 'til I reached the spot between his ear and the end of his jaw. He shivered and moaned slightly. His reaction made me smile and I kissed him there again. He shivered again and I started heading back down his jaw. When I got close enough to his mouth we locked lips again. He raked his tongue across my teeth and curled my hair around his fingers. His hair was majorly dishevelled from where I'd been running my hands through it. Neither of us wanted to break the kiss but we knew we had to. Once again I had to breathe. Being human really sucked. We barely broke apart but Aya still had that look of bliss on his face. He lay back, taking me with him, and sighed.

"I've wanted to do that for a long time" he said breathlessly.

"Don't talk" I said, trailing kisses up his jaw.

Our lips connected again and time stopped around us.


I woke up lying on the floor with my shirt half undone. Aya was lying next to me, shirtless and with an arm around my waist. His eyes were shut and he was feigning sleep as vampires do. He had a small smile plastered on his face and it didn't take me long to guess what he was thinking about. I "woke" him by planting a kiss on his forehead. His eyes flickered open and we kissed again. But halfway through he shot away from me and pressed himself against the wall, his hand over his mouth.

"Aya, what's wrong?" I asked, sitting up.

"I shouldn't be here".


"Yesterday... I shouldn't have done that".

"What are you talking about?" I asked, starting to panic a little.

He was silent and still as a statue. I looked at his shirtless form and then my own half-shirtless form.

"We didn't...did we?" I asked.

"No but... We almost".

Now it was my turn to shoot up and rush to the other side of the room. We stood on our opposite sides of the room for what seemed like forever. Finally it was Aya who made the first move. He stepped back to where we had been sleeping and picked up his shirt.

"Aya, I... I wouldn't have minded" I said and felt my cheekes flash crimson.

"Hallie, there's... There's something I've got to tell you".

I nodded at him. I was still too embarrassed to speak. He sighed before speaking.

"I'm not allowed to love you" and then he was gone.

The End

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