Blood, Sweat and Tears

"Halz, I may not be a doctor but I don't think you're supposed to throw up blood" Braeden said, leaning over me in a bathroom stall.

Fate hovered nervously outside the stall, taking all the insults from the various women that entered the bathroom. The poor boy even took a slap from the woman in the stall next to me. Another wave of, well, blood forced its way up from my stomach and into the toilet. But the thing was, it smelt delicious. Yet another woman entered the bathroom and screeched at Fate, something along the lines of "Get out! This is the ladies room, you monster!". I couldn't take it anymore.

"Listen, lady, SHUT THE HELL UP! I'm puking my guts up and they're my friends, I think that means they can be in here" I snapped, not bothering to look the woman in the eye.

I wouldn't look her in the eye but I did notice the cheeky cow glance at my stomach before speaking again. "What's wrong? You're not...are you?"

"Don't be disgusting! Let me guess, you thought one of them was the father but we don't know which one".

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean any offence".

"Frankly, I think you did. He," I beckoned at Braeden, "is gay, I swear to God. And he," I beckoned at Fate, "shouldn't even be thinking about kids yet, he's not even seventeen!"

And then another wave of nausea hit me. This woman was bringing out my mood swing and I would not let that happen so long as the boys were with me. I coughed up some more blood and sat back against the stall wall. There was a dribble of blood down my chin, if I was quick I could get it. Braeden knlet down and wiped it away with a tissue. Concern was etched on his face and worry sat deep in his eyes. I took a deep breath, trying to will the anger back into my chest. It just about worked until the manager stormed in and I threw up more blood. This time, however, most of it ended up on the floor, my chin and the toilet seat.

"I'm sorry, sir, but I'm going to have to escort you off the premises" the manager said at a nervous Fate.

"But Hallie..."

The manager then turned his attention to me. It must have looked like I'd been stabbed, the amount of blood on the floor.

"Halz, I really think you should go to the hospital" Braeden said, still squatting down and ignoring the blood on his work uniform.

"I'll be fine" I said, fighting back the nausea.

"You're a terrible liar".

"I just need to go home. If I get any worse I'll call an ambulance".


"Look, my dad was a doctor before he was a pathologist. I know a lot about medical stuff, I'll be fine".

"Alright, but I'm calling you every two hours".

"Yeah, me too" Fate added and Braeden helped me up.


Braeden drove me back home, glancing at me whenever it looked like I was going to be sick. Luckily, though, I was fine on the journey back. Braeden helped me inside and wouldn't leave 'til I was settled. It's hard to convince someone you're settled if you're in pain. I no longer felt the nausea but instead it felt like ym stomach was knotted and twisted around itself. My brain screamed at me in pain and every part of me ached. I thought back to Ren's blood memories. She had ached after she'd been turned. So what if...?


I lay on the sofa, a film of sweat on my face. My body was acting like I had a chill but I was fine, I'd never been a more comfortable temperature. I'd stopped throwing up but now I was getting dizzy. Against my better judgement I stood up and tried to walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Unfortunately I took five small steps and the world spun around. It took em a few seconds to notice I was falling. But I was too lightheaded to put an arm out to cushion the fall. I was waiting for the floor to hit and realised I had stopped falling. Confusion flashed through me and then nausea again. I was leaning on something on my back and the blood I was trying to cough up only came out in splutters. In a blur I had been flipped over onto my knees and the blood splattered against the floorboards.

"I knew we shouldn't have left you alone" a familiar voice said.

I shot up, forgetting my nausea and glared at the speaker. Aya. He held his hands up defensively and I realised I was stood in a fighting stance. For some reason I didn't relax out of it.

"Hallie, you need to feed. It's only three weeks 'til you'll be a full vampire. You can't survive entirely on human food. You're dying on the inside" he said, edging closer to me.

"I don't need to do anything! You shouldn't even be here! I left you guys for a reason" I spat.

"I know. And I wouldn't be here if it wasn't important. I heard what happened today and I had to come check it out".

My anger fluttered away like a butterfly and replaced itself with the dizziness of before. I felt myself stumble and put a hand to my forehead.

"Aya" I said and he had to catch me again.

"Hallie, please eat something. Even if it's just a little".

"There's... There's some in the... Uh, in the fridge" I said, forgetting what I was saying.

"No good, it's too old to do you any good now." Aya reached into one of his many pockets and pulled out a knife. He slid it across his skin, just above his wrist, and watched as the crimson liquid flowed over his forearm, "Drink this".

"Aya" I said, feebly pushing his arm away.

"Hallie, please. Do it for me" the desperation in his voice was what changed my mind.

I leant forward and he moved his arm closer so I wouldn't have to strain so much. The red fluid dribbled over a risen vein. Aya urged me to drink again. I tasted the blood first, it was still pretty human but part of it was Aya's. And then I clamped my mouth onto his wrist.

The End

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