Forced To the Movies by Fate

I didn't know how he'd done it. Somehow Fate had managed to get Braeden three hours off and had gotten me to sit still through three hours of soppy, mushy romantic crap. Fate and Braeden loved it though. In fact, they caused quite a commotion in the foyer, acting out various scene from the movie. Fate played the ditzy brunette who was pretty clueless about everything and left everything down to chance, and frankly he played her quite convincingly. Braeden played the hero. Blonde hair, blue eyes and an athletic build, the perfect Aryan. Just like the lead in the movie. They acted out pretty much the entire movie, much to the annoyance of the manager, and eventually got kicked out in a laughing heap. I followed them out, my face as red as the Mike and Ike I'd just choked on. I think every girl in the place choked a little, although some for the wrong reason. Fate and Braeden had reached the end of the movie and were heading for the kissing scene. If the manager hadn't of thrown them out I think we may have seen it, too. Fate and Braeden had thrown themselves against the hillock that sat near the movie theatre. It was possible the only patch of grass in the entire city, what a brave little hillock it was.

"So I hear you're writing Halz a song" Braeden said as he jabbed Fate in the ribs.

"Oh, yeah. It's not going so good though" Fate said, calming down a little.

"How hard can writing a song be? I bet I could do it. Okay, this is just off the top of my head.

Hallie, you're beautiful,

Hallie, it's true,

The way that your sock,

Grows out from your shoe.

See, easy".

"Oh, wow, Braeden. I'm touched. But, uh, is it me that's beautiful or just my sock?" I asked, laughing. Hysteria is easy to catch.

"Just your sock, Dollface" he said with a wink.

"You called?" Fate said, putting on the voice of the ditzy brunette.

The two of them acted out some more of the movie we'd just seen and I couldn't help but smile. The two of them hadn't been friends before they me. Especially considering Braeden and his parents had only recently moved to the vampire hotspot. However, the two of them just clicked as soon as they met each other. Braeden brought out Fate's crazier side and Fate brought out Braden's calmer side. It was a nice balance. And being around them reminded me that I was still human. They would never know any different. It would only be me that knew I changed.

"How much of my song have you done then?" I asked, interupting some mushy scene.

"Not much, really. I think I've worked out a tune but that's about it" Fate said, blushing.

"Oh, come on, Fate. You've got that tune worked out to the max. You're practically Slash!" Braeden said and he and Fate began playing air guitars.

"Can I hear the tune at least?" I asked and waited for them to finish.

"I need my guitar" Fate said with a devilish grin.

"You could hum it".

"Y'know, you really are an impatient child" Braeden said.

"Whatever, I'm older than you" I said.

And then I felt it. Deep in my ribcage. It felt like a sort of rumble that escalated into an earthquake. A mood swing, and a particularly violent one at that. I couldn't be around my frail human friends when it surfaced or, well, lets just say it wouldn't end nicely. My mood swings were the reason I spent every ounce of my spare time cleaning. Because in my momentary fits of rage I would completely trash the place.

"Halz, you okay?" Braeden asked.

"Yeah, you don't look so good" Fate said.

The earthquake in my chest started forcing its way to the surface. Black spots started appearing in front of my eyes. The taste of the half-eaten Mike and Ike in my mouth was nauseating.

"Uh, guys. I think I'm gonna be sick" I said and tried to fight back the mood swing.

The End

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