The Emo Elf Really Is Pretty When He's Angry

"Hallie?" Fate asked.

"Fate!" was what I attempted to say but it came out as more of a muffled squeak.

"Hallie?" Zakyn asked as I pulled out of the hug.

"Hallie" Fate said, a little sterner.

Zakyn seemed to realise it was time to leave and gave me a quick wave before dashing past the fuming elf. I pointed in the general direction of the staff room and Fate nodded. He may have been angry, probably at me, but he still supported my left side as we walked to the staff room. Once inside, the one person sat in there for lunch, an auburn woman named Jeanette, noticed Fate and his sulking and made a swift exit. I let Fate stand and fume for a while before speaking.

"You're back early" I said cautiously.

"There was a gas leak, we all got sent home" he said, trying to calm down.

"Oh. Have you had a good day?"

"Who was he?"

"Oh, just an old family friend".

Fate gave a sigh of relief. He still looked pretty angry. Being angry just made him prettier. It gave his soft features a kind of meaning. When he wasn't angry you just wanted to pudge his cheeks together like a crazy old granny but now he looked absolutely stunning. Just like someone else I knew.

"You're really-" I said as Fate said "I wish you weren't-".

"You go first, Emo Elf" I said, calming Fate down a little more. I'd told him about his nickname and he seemed to like it.

"I wish you weren't so distant".

"I'm not distant".

"Hallie, I feel like I never see you! When you're not wokring you're at home cleaning, and when you're not at home cleaning you're working. I see my Uncle Hessian more than I see you and he lives in Mexico".

"I just... I have a lot of time on my hands. I need to do something or I'll go mad".

"So go out, have fun! You've got me and Braeden and you're more than welcome to hang out with some of my friends".

"Fate, I just... I can't explain it. It's like I need to keep myself busy. But worthwile busy. I feel like if I stop and enjoy myself then... I don't know".

"You wouldn't want to hang out with my friends anyway. They're kind of not my friends anymore. David and George both hate me right now and Sash is the new town slut".

"We have a new town slut?" I asked and Fate nodded. "Wow, you learn something new everyday. Does she make a good slut?"

"She makes a great slut. What were you going to say?"

"Hmm? Oh... Nothing, I was just thinking about how tall you were".


"Alright! I was going to say you're really pretty when you're angry".

A grin emerged on Fate's face that was so huge it could have blocked out the sun. All of a sudden, Charlie appeared. I had a horrible feeling this whole thing had been planned.

"Hallie, you and Fate are my best workers. Even so, I'm giving you an extra holiday. You need it. I don't want you spending the whole fortnight cleaning, go out and have fun. And I don't want you hanging around here, asking me for something to do" he said, a grin almost as big as Fate's on his face.

My holiday started today which meant Fate had complete control over what I did. Just brilliant.

The End

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