The Half-Vampire Pretends To Be Human

I sighed. Since I was havingto miss my Senior year, the only thing to keep me occupied was a job. I pretty much had three options: get an office job out in the city like Nate, work at the grocery store like Fate or start my own business. So there I stood, in my green apron waiting for any sign of a customer. It was a monday afternoon, the odds that there would be a customer was almost nonexistant. I wouldn't even see Fate or Braeden. Fate was busy being a Junior and Braeden was busy working the popcorn machine at the movie theater in the city. I sighed again. Since I was still in plaster and recovering from a "broken" leg, I'd been given the oh so difficult task of greeting anyone who came into the store.

"Hey, Hayley!" a voice said.

"Um, actually it's Hallie" I said quietly.

I was going to have to get used to speaking up. Human hearing is dismal compared to that of a vampire. 

"Yeah, whatever. Charlie says you can take a break".

Charlie was my boss and owner of the grocery store. Ever since I left the vampires, about a week ago, I'd been working at the grocery store and Charlie had been nothing but kind to me. He let me take breaks if my arm or leg were bothering me, one day he let me go home early because I had a hospital appointment. A hospital appointment that wasn't for an hour after I finished work. Fate had tred to convince Charlie to let me work the evenings with him but I think Charlieknew I wanted to work in the day. I kind of wished I'd agreed to work the evening shift with Fate, though. At least I'd have someone to talk to. Everyone on the day shift seemed to have something against me. Maybe because I always volunteered for overtime and could work an entire shift without a break. I guess being part vampire can be helpful in one way or another.

I nodded at the speaker, I think his name was Joe or something like that, and started to walk away from the front door. Since leaving the vampires, my leg had been giving me more trouble. I had wondered if it was because I hadn't been drinking any blood. Tawny had given me some before I left but I just couldn't bring myself to drink it. Charlie had been getting worried for me, as well. Since starting at the store my limp had gotten more pronounced, almost as if my leg was re-breaking itself. As I limped my way back to the staff room, someone was kind enough to ask me if I wanted any help. A someone who sounded too similar to Nate for comfort. Alarm bells started ringing in my head. Why was Nate here? I still smiled at him if I saw him but I'd made it perfectly clear I wanted nothing more to do with the vampires for the safety of those around me. Did he think it was fine to just come visit me at work? I turned round, expecting to see Nate but saw... Nate? No, he was smaller than Nate. But he looked exactly like him, even down to the shiny teeth.

"You're Hallie?" he asked brightly.

"You're Zakyn?" I asked, equally as brightly.

I nodded. He nodded. And for some reason, we just hugged. Right there in the middle of the store. Just meeting Zakyn made me want to go and see the vampires. I wondered if they were missing me as much as I was missing them. I was pretty sure Tawny had been in my house a few times, anyway. Sometimes I would get back from work and the house would be mysteriously tidy.

"I've heard so much about you" Zakyn said. His accent was strange, like a combination between a North American accent and a Deep South accent.

"I feel at a loss here. I only know your name" I said with a smile.

Zakyn grinned back at me. "I'm sixteen years old. I should be in school right now but I didn't want to go today. I had a puppy called Maxx when I was five and he got hit by a truck. I lived in Texas 'til I was seven. My parents were both from Poland but they were killed in a car crash. Nate and me moved up here after the accident. My favourite colour is pastel green and I've always hated orange. And, I think it's a nice feeling, being in love".

"Wow, that was a lot. I'm sorry if I don't remember it all" I said.

Zakyn smiled at me again. For some reason we hugged again, as well. And just as we hugged, Fate walked into the store.

The End

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