Triumph of the Jelly Bean Wars

"I think it's great she's making new friends" Tawny said, handing a mug of blood to Fang".

"Even if that "friend" was hitting on her?" Aya was fighting to control his temper.

"He wasn't hitting on me" I said with a sign.

"You didn't smell him, he was hitting on you. He was wearing adrenaline and testosterone like cologne".

"Now that's one fruity man spray. What's up, Fang?" Tawny asked.

"I'm not hungry" he said gloomily.

"You sure? You've been moaning for days about how hungry you are".

"I don't know. It's like something big's going to happen and, I don't know, I just feel like I shouldn't feed yet".

"Well, just try and have something. If something big's coming then you want to be as strong as you can be" Tawny said cheerfully but cast a concerned eye over Fang.

While I'd been housebound with my leg brace, Fang had been somewhat ill. Apparantly vampires can suffer from anxiety. Lilith and Morrigan were part of his family and they'd run away, not to mention they'd attacked me and left me in a building full of vampires. And then there was the get well card from the pair of them, that had been the final straw. Fang had had a full blown panic attack which confined him to the basement for three days. Then, when he finally re-emerged he ended up somewhere on the third floor and had another panic attack because of the height. If Tawny hadn't have been around I don't think he'd still be in one piece. Tawny really was the mom of the family.

"Tawny, do you think it's stupid to bring Fate back here. After what nearly happened to Braeden, I mean" I said, a little gloomy myself.

And who is Braeden? Braeden is the crazy, pigeon-loving popcorn addict I met a few weeks ago. Dad had seen my leg brace and insisted that I go to the hospital. It was there I met Braeden, who as it happens, was coming out of plaster for a broken arm. It was when he was admiring my metal that he thought it would be fun to see who had a longer plate on their break. Turns out it was me, naturally.

A few days later, Braeden had come back to the manor. It was Tawny's idea. She was just trying to cheer me up. Unfortunately, Nate had come for a visit and hadn't told us he gets intense blood lust around any guy. Braeden was lucky to escape with his life. It took a lot of lying on my part but I think I convinced him enough that Nate was a little bit ill in the head.

"He's too soft. He wont last five seconds if Nate's here" Aya said, throwing a handful of jelly beans at me.

"Oh yeah? And what makes you think that?" I asked, edging myself closer to the box of jelly beans.

"Well, for a start he's a singer. He's no good at sports and he falls down a lot. To survive when there's vampires around you've got to be tough".

"Like me?"

"Like you" he said with a laugh.

I could almost reach the jelly beans if I stretched just that little bit further. My fingertips were almost on the box. But Aya noticed what I was doing and grabbed them before I had a chance to. He started pelting me with the coloured pieces of sugar but stopped halfway through the war. I grabbed one from the floor and got him between the eyes. Victory would be mine! But something was wrong. Aya was competetive and he wouldn't just stop if he was winning.

"Hallie, your bean pole's outside. And so's Morrigan" he said.

The End

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