A Singer For a Stalker

Aya helped me out of the car. Halfway back to the manor I suddenly felt the urge to go and buy some jelly beans. Not just any jelly beans though, ho no, gourmet jelly beans. Aya thought it was pointless but he still drove me to the store. And who should happen to be at the store but one Emo Elf. He now wore a dark green apron and was stood talking to an old lady about which type of apple was best.

"Well, if it isn't the bean pole" Aya muttered to be and I jabbed him in the ribs with my good arm. All it did was hurt me.

Aya laughed which caught the attention of Fate. He smiled and waved, almost catching the old lady in the face. Once he apologised about fifty times he jogged over to me.

"Hallie, what a surprise! Can I help you at all?" he grinned.

Aya rolled his eyes, sighed and stalked off to look at the magazines. Clearly he didn't approve of my little human friend. When I told Fate I wanted some jelly beans he dashed out to the back of the shop and came back with a box of jelly beans wrapped in red ribbon.

"Yeah, we send these to our best customers who have kids. The gourmet ones you can buy suck compared to these" he said, handing me the box.

"Oh, how much?"

"On the house. Yeah, nobody'll notice. And if they do, I'll just tell them I dropped it on the floor, they'll believe me" he said with a grin.

"Thanks, that's really kind of you".

"So, uh, who's your friend?"

We both looked at Aya who was looking confusedly at a copy of Carp Monthly. He looked up and turned the magazine round, showing us a double page spread of a tubby gent in his mid forties holding up a huge carp.

"He's my cousin" I said, glaring at Aya, who had turned the magazine back round and was trying to unhook the free bait hook from his trench coat.

"Really? You don't look like each other?" he said and mumbled something.

I turned back to Fate and smiled. I had no idea what he'd mumbled so I thought I'd change the subject. I didn't particularly like him asking questions about the vampires either.

"So I hear you're a singer" I said, trying to make it sound casually.

"What? Who told you... Well, I can sing. I'm not a singer or anything. I don't have a band or... But my mom says I can sing well. She was trying to get me to make a demo cd to send to some record company hotshot but I told her you needed your own songs for that" he said a little quietly.

"And you don't have any?"

"I can't write songs. I've tried over and over again but I can't".

"Maybe you just need some better inspiration" I said and Fate smiled.

He was about to say something but Aya strode over with a menacing look on his face. The look he wore was one that could have killed a polar bear. Jealousy was plastered all over it but to anyone who didn't know Aya, they would have thought he was extremely pissed off. Fate even took a step back.

"C'mon, Hallie, we better get back. We don't want the others to worry" he said and marched out of the store.

"I'll see you later" I said, and trotted after Aya as fast as my slight limp would let me.

"Yeah, maybe I'll write a song for you" Fate shouted to me.

I gave him a wave without looking back and followed Aya into the parking lot.

"Jealous much?" I asked.

"You can be cheeky all you like when we get back to the manor. Get in the car".

The End

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