A Vampire's Story: Volume Three

Hooray for Hallie! She's made herself some human friends and...abandoned the vampires? With the "Angelo e Diavolo" on her tail, that wasn't such a smart thing to do. Can Hallie survive a match with death again?

The day I met Fate was the day I declared my separation from the vampires. Fate was like the little brother I'd never had and I wouldn't put his life in danger. Braeden, on the other hand, had already had a run in with Nate that had left him curious about them. If it wasn't for that God damn idiot Aya, I wouldn't be here now. I wouldn't be facing death for the third time in under a year. I wouldn't have the shame weighing down on my chest as the snow landed on my face. And most importantly, I wouldn't be bleeding.

The End

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