A Vampire's Story

Think of Twilight. Take out the romance and the sexy werewolf. Add a legend and two opposing vampire gangs. And most importantly, one far from normal human.

I never thought I'd ask for death. But right now death seems to be the only option. I suppose it's not really death. Obviously I wouldn't be 'living' anymore but there'd be none of the whole "ashes to ashes" "cold is the grave" stuff.


I sat in the oak chair in what had become my bedroom. The mirror that belonged to my mother hung on the wall, covered over with a sheet. I'd always felt the mirror was my only connection with my mother and I didn't want her to see me change. I didn't want her to see what I would become. My eyes closed and I listened to the noises around me. Or rather the lack of noise. He moved so gracefully and silently it was hard to tell He was even in the room. I felt His breath on the back of my neck. His head lingered around my throat and I took a deep breath and kissed goodbye to normality.

The End

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