The PastMature

At first Scarlett couldn't control herself but when she found the Iris Circle it changed her. As the days, weeks and months passed she grew more disciplined. She controlled her first powers and laughed in joy as more powers, individual to her started to emerge. The Iris Circle is a group, a clan of supernatural people. The group ranging from vampires, werewolves, witches, shapeshifters and spirits.

Rain lashed against my small circle window that was no bigger than a port hole of a ship. I found listening to the rain bouncing off the slanted roof was a very relaxing sound and one of many benefits of an attic bedroom. I turned off my bedside lamp, leaving a pool of soft moonlight on the varnished wooden floor boards. I closed my eyes as I slowly rested each part of my body down onto the bed, each bone protested as I relaxed them all one by one. I took a deep breath in, enjoying the slightly dusty smell that always accompanied a half finished attic come bedroom. Releasing the breath I dragged my hands up and down my face before turning onto my side trying to find a comfortable spot to fall asleep in. I was exhausted, but my mind wouldn't allow me to rest, just like last night. Instead of comforting sleep the last six months played in fast motion in my head. The visions played in front of my eyelids like I was watching a personal film and when it reached present day it reset and started again. I slowed down certain parts of the visions, creating freeze frames that mapped out -pinpointed that small but important journey in time, in my life.

The first freeze frame that stuck in my mind was the night I was bitten, kissed, turned. It didn't matter what name it was given, it was the end of one life and the beginning of another much longer life. A very different life, after the kiss there was no return to what your life had been. I held back the tears as my heart stabbed with the pain that came from the knowledge that I had tried to return back to a normal life and I had failed. The knowledge that told me my human life could never be returned to, that it was gone forever and for as long as my immortal life lasted I would walk with that knowledge. The night was cold as I stumbled home after a drunken night out, briefly remembering being kissed rather harshly when dancing in a night club. I could remember going home feeling famished, ravenous, starving. My throat was burning and all I could think was that I wanted that burning to stop. As soon as I entered the house my pupils dilated and lurking in the shadows I made my way up to my parents bedroom. The look engraved on my mothers face, it had been a mixture of fear, disgust, confusion and a strange sense of love as I drank the blood of my own father. I drained away his life and she had began screaming, the sound hurt my sensitive ears. My hands flew to my ears first, an internal voice- guidance told me that I needed to shut her up. Her face as I held her down to reveal her neck, the fear in her voice as she pleaded for her life. I was still hungry, I bit down onto her neck and took her life. Finally the hunger was gone, the burning in my throat was dulled to just a small and bearable tickle. That's when I took a step back to look at the murder scene, the blood bath that had been my creation. Fear was set on my Mother's face, the face that will be forever burnt into my memory. Forever haunting me, reminding me of what I had done to my own family. Reminding me of what I had become, what I was. What I would always be and what I could never be or have ever again.

I skipped forward, forcing myself to the second freeze frame in my story. The day when members of Iris Circle found me. I didn't know at the time, but there was one witch, one werewolf and two shapeshifters. I had become hungry, to scared of hunting, adamant that I wasn't a monster. I had tried so hard, but I couldn't fight what I now was. I knew I looked pathetic to them, a curled up shaking mess, a newly made vampire that was unsure what she was, what to do, where to go. The only guidance was the internal voice only heard during a feeding frenzy. The group took me into their community, fed me, sheltered me. Most importantly they accepted me. From then on I vowed that I would always be grateful to them. I opened my eyes dispersing the image burning the inside of my eyelids, sitting up I supposed that was the reason why the werewolf from the group was one of my closest friends as was the witch. The shapeshifters, not so much, but I lived by the motto of 'you win some you loose some'. I sat in the darkness, unsure for how long as my mind went blank not thinking directly about anything, letting myself swirl around in an inky darkness. Suddenly a knock on my door dragged me from my strange form of meditation.

Before answering the knock I tried scenting who was at the door and was hit by the heavy scent of wet dog. Immediately I flung the door open, glad of a friendly face during such a restless night. "Kila! Come in and take of those wet clothes. You smell absolutely awful." I commented, wrinkling my nose as she accepted my invitation inside. To my relief she stripped down to her underwear, I handed one of my flimsy night dresses to cover her body. Not for her dignity, Kila had never cared. But simply because her body made me jealous. One plus of being a werewolf meant that your human form was kept looking very sleek with muscle rippling underneath her olive tanned skin. She shook her head, trying to dry her jet black hair as much as she could. "I sensed that you couldn't sleep. Same thing happening again?" She asked, all I had to do was simply nod because Kila knew me too well. Not a werewolf perk, just a best friend perk.

The End

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