A Typical Modern Vampire Story

An idea I had while at the library, something typical, but, with my own flair, just cuz.

Chapter one:

He woke me with a kiss. Not from sleep, but from that place between life and death, where all your vitals have frozen, and your body is beginning to fall apart, but just before your soul leaves to find the afterlife or whatever it is out there that happens after death. It is a place sometimes of pain, more often of numbness, a human stays in this place for just a moment. He was good at judging this moment. All the doctors and nurses had already decided I was dead, but not him. So he kissed me. I opened my eyes to see his face, ice pale and strikingly handsome, mere inches from my own.

He instructed me to close them again and to hold my breath. I found I could do this easily. I appeared as if dead to all. He told me he’d find me, then left my side as the humans set about my burial. I did not move, did not breath, did not do anything for three days as I was dressed in my finest clothes, placed in a coffin, oak, lined in velvet, I often wondered why coffins were padded so, it is for my kind, so that we may pass out of memory comfortably. I was laid in the ground and then buried, but I was not afraid. He said he would come, and I believed him.

Not long after I had been buried, a shaft of light appeared. My case, for I could not call it a coffin, it was too comfortable, and after all, I was alive, had been opened to the air once more. I did not move, did not breath, but I could feel him, sitting at my side.

“You may breath now.” He said as calmly as if he’d told me to stop merely a few seconds ago and not a few days. I did so and a wave of smells hit my nose. The smell of wet grass, freshly dug earth, The smell of the water in the air, for it must have recently rained. The sun was down, yet it was not dark. The colors were as vibrant now as during the day. Softer light filtered down from the stars, they peaked out from the clouds. Large stones rose up out of the ground everywhere, carved and shaped. Graves. The ground was put back the way it was before, only I was now standing behind it. The stone near mine said.

Julia Starfawlt
“Your life ended much too soon.”

I was touched, and part of me regretted that I wouldn’t be able to live up to their expectations. I had no intentions of resting in peace, for I had been given a second chance. I looked at my rescuer, he smiled at me, and took my hand. I followed, leaving my old life behind. I didn’t know what was ahead, but I trusted the man who saved me, and I faced the future without fear.

The End

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