A TWIST....the beginning

chapter 1-GENESIS

for gary this tuesday began like any other tuesday in his 26 years of life but little did he know that it would mark the beginning of events so profound  he would literally reel from their impact.

walking towards the bus stop he passed the fruit vendor by the corner of the mall and picked up his usual pack of freshly peeled apples.as he munched freely waiting for the bus he gazed up at the clear autumn sky and whistled freely.the other passengers in waiting looked at him and smiled despite themselves his buoyant spirit just helping to give them a little something to start their day on a better note and he oblivious to their stares and smiles carried about in his whistling and fruit munching

he worked uptown and at his age he still lived at home with his ageing mother.the last of 3 boys he was clearly the favourite and always had all he ever wanted at a time when all other boys(read men)his age were already established with their own families and careers of their own,gary was content to remain at home and just monitor the family business of hides and skins uptown

within 15 mins he reached the shop.Printed in faded blue colours on a board atop the shop was the name 'Lineker and sons' printed almost a decade and a half before by his grandfather the original lineker....

He opened the door and for the first tym in his life Gary's smile faded.For what lay  on the floor could only be described as flabbergasting.He closed his eyes to gain better focus and lost it,falling down uncounscious right there.

The End

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