5. My New "Guide"

Meeting everyone was frankly…uncomfortable. Most of them were bubbly and all over the place, trying to get to know more about me like normal people would do. But I wasn’t used it. At that moment while I had breakfast, the one thought that flickered across my mind was “get…home…” and by home, I didn’t exactly mean back to my ‘lovely’ family. I meant the underworld a.k.a hell.

On the way to my first class of the day [which I was told would be History by Lucian – a new ‘pal’], I was told by one of the residence wardens that Cassandra needed me at the school office. More then happily, I broke away from the new crowd that surrounded me wherever I went. Some of them offered to ditch class so they could be with me but that would be too kind of them, wouldn’t it.

It took me some time to get to the office, mainly because it was about a half hour away on walk from the main residence building. By the time I got there, my feet felt like lead. I’m not exactly athletic or into exercise so when it comes to walking, I’m really lazy. When I finally got in, I entered and smiled grimly at Cassandra who was brighter then how she was yesterday [oh jolly].

“Well hello Alyssa! How was your sleep?” She said, a wide smile on her face.

“Decent,” I muttered.

“Wait just a minute; I want to print out your schedule, map and everything else you need for your school day, okay?”

I nodded and leaned forward, resting my chin on the marble counter. Finally, a thought struck me and I decided to tell Cassandra. “Hey. Can you switch rooms for me?”

“Why? Is there a problem?” Cassandra asked, looking surprised.

“Err yeah. I’m not exactly up to having a male roommate.”

“Awh honey, enjoy it while you can. The pleasures of high school will be made much easier this way. If I was allowed this rule in college, I’d have thrown a party and invited all the faculty to my room who’d decided it in the first place. Enjoy it while it lasts.” She winked at me and I groaned internally. This woman was a loony. “Besides, Wyatt’s a nice guy. What’s the problem?”

“Nothing is,” I murmured and decided not to answer the question.

“What are you doing here?”

I turned around and looked at a girl who was maybe a little older then me. She had short red hair, cut emo-style, and green eyes that looked quite familiar. She was tall, maybe about five foot eight and compared to my height, that’s alarmingly high. And another thing I noticed…she was also dressed like a tomboy. Her eyes were narrowed at me slightly as she…glared [is that the right word] at me.She’d been at the dining hall and was on my floor but by the way she’d just asked the question and the extra emphasis on the ‘you’, I had a feeling she didn’t exactly love me. Ah well, that just makes things easier. Before I could open my mouth and reply to that question, Cassandra spoke.

“Makayla, let me finish up with Alyssa. It’ll only be a minute.”

Cassandra handed me a folder and informed me that inside was the school ‘manual’ on all the rules and regulations and everything else I’d need for my school year here. I gave her a small smile and a thank you before heading for the exit. That’s when I heard that Makayla would help show me my way around since she’s been transferred to 9C. That’s just great.

“Whatever,” she muttered looking bored and then marched out the office. I turned back at Cass with an eyebrow raised who just said “don’t mind her, Makayla’s normally like that.”

Well that’s great. At least there’s one person who won’t peer at me like some zoo animal. But best thing I do was follow her so I wouldn’t get lost on my first day of school. I raced out the office and caught up with her.

“Makayla! Wait!”

She didn’t. Instead she kept marching ahead. Hmm…have it her way then. I have a map after all.

I stopped walking and opened my folder, trying to look through the pieces of paper and find what I needed but then I heard her voice ahead of me.

“Aren’t you coming?”

I looked up and smiled sweetly at her. “No thanks. Since you’re going to have that attitude of yours, its best I find my way around her using my own navigator.”


I saw Makayla sigh and then walk towards me. She lightly took hold of my hand and led me towards the classroom. I dropped her hand and followed her and not once, she looked back at me but I was okay with that. It’s not like I wanted her attention or anyone else’s at that fact.

The End

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