4. Stranger


I never expected such a thing to happen in my life, never. Here I am in homeroom and still lost in my thoughts. I feel like a wildfire is spreading inside me, slowly burning every part of my body, heading for my heart. That’s atrocious! Stop thinking that way! You’re a sick monster! I did not heed the words that were being shouted at me from the corner of my mind. I was completely focused on the goddess I’d met a few hours ago. Her name was Alyssa Green and she was perfect in every way possible. Her black hair cascaded freely down to her waist as her light blue eyes sparkled constantly. She had this look of innocence on her face that immediately made me trust her. When she directed her gaze to me this morning, I was lost for words. And her soft voice still rang in my head. “Hello…”




I snapped out of my world and looked up to meet the eyes of my math teacher. Jeez, homeroom had passed by fast. God I hated this woman. All she did was pick on me for slacking off in class and that really got on my nerves.


“Yes, Ms. Kyle?” I asked; my voice lacking all the interest there was in the world.


“Pay attention in class, Makayla! You do hope to pass your sophomore year this time, don’t you? I hope you do cause I cannot bear teaching another year!”


“Agreed you old hag,” I muttered.


“Out! Now!”


With a prolonged sigh, I got up, kicked back my chair and walked out of class. This was usually how it went with most of the teachers I knew. I was reckless about my grades and didn’t really give a damn if I had to repeat ninth grade for the third year around. I was bummed about the fact that Alyssa wasn’t in my class. We had 9A, 9B, and 9C due to the large student population. I’m in B while she’s in C, the class with very few students in them. I closed my eyes and leaned back against the cool wall. Her image floated back into my mind and I sighed again. She was absolutely gorgeous with the looks of an angel. But yet, there was something about her I couldn’t figure out. She looked on the edge. Her eyes flickered around the new faces as she had eaten breakfast, slowly and quietly. I wanted to know more about her. If only she was in my class.




I opened my eyes and looked to my left. Ms. Kyle was staring at me with her arms folded across her chest and a stern look across her face.


“Cassandra is expecting you at the office,” she said.


“No s**t. You gonna make me walk the whole way?”

Ms. Kyle’s face turned into an expression of annoyance as she glared at me past her thick eyelashes.


“Don’t make me say it again because I don’t have the patience or time to deal with you. Go to the office. There’s news waiting for you.”


With that, she turned her back to me and walked back into class. I groaned to myself inwardly and started walking slowly out the school campus and towards the office. What the hell would they want with me?




Opening the door to the office, I walked in. My eyes fixed on Cassandra who was typing away on her computer as always. But then standing right there, opposite the counter was Alyssa. I ignored the overwhelming feelings of happiness that erupted inside my chest – coming out of nowhere. Instead, I tried to strike up a conversation.


“What are you doing here?”


Crap, what the hell was wrong with me? That just sounded flat out rude. Alyssa turned around and her eyes met mine once again. I looked away before I’d find myself falling right back into her blue orbs.

Before she could say anything, Cassandra shushed me away. “Makayla, let me finish up with Alyssa. It’ll only be a minute.”


Take as much time as you want Cass, I could just sit down here and admire her beauty. CRAP! Stop thinking like that! You don’t like her! That’s just demented!


“Anyways, Makayla let me break it to you already. The board has decided to move you to 9C due to all the trouble you’re causing with your fellow classmates and teachers. Alyssa here is new student in 9C and since you know you’re way around, I’m hoping you’ll be a nice girl and lead her back to your new classroom.”


Shock hit me like a boomerang. Was it fate? Or just pure coincidence? I composed my face of a look of ennui and muttered, “Whatever,” loudly and walked away. On the outside, I didn’t care about this new girl. She was just another specimen out of the many I watch in the school but inside…what I was feeling was too strange for me to form with words. I think…I think I’m in love with her.  

The End

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