3. Before The Beginnings Of A New School Day

Once Cassandra had disappeared from view, Wyatt and I stood in silence. Being the dimwit I am, I couldn’t come up with anything to say and waited for him to say something. Eventually he did and that came as a relief to me.

“So you’re my roomie, huh?”

Not exactly something I’d like to talk about. “Yeah well, I guess I’m stuck with you,” I said with an additional nervous giggle. The brightness in his face dimmed slightly when he heard this but I had no clue what I could’ve said wrong.

“What’s up with that anyways? I never thought the boarding school would allow us to have roommates of the opposite sex.”

“Well it does. That must seem strange but it’s normal here.”

I snorted when he said this and looked up at him. We were still transfixed to the sport and I wanted to get a move on. Stuffing my hands into the pockets of my jacket, I started walking ahead of Wyatt, knowing he’d follow me anyways.

“Alyssa, wait up. What’s the hurry?”

“I want to get my beauty sleep. It was a long flight after all and considering the fact that tomorrow will be my first day of school, I want to be…‘fresh’.”

“’course but you don’t know where your room is so you should let me take the lead.”

I couldn’t argue with that so I slowed down, letting him fall into the pace with me. The rest of the way to my room was filled with silence. We didn’t pass anyone else on the way and I was fairly happy about that; I didn’t have to make any lazy introductions. Our room was located on the seventh floor – thank the heavens there was an elevator. It was room number 117, reminding me of your typical hotel. When Wyatt opened the door to my new home, I gasped in surprise. I don’t know what I’d been expecting but this…this was great. It was like an apartment! I was greeted by the sight of a small lounged and to my left and right were doors.

“The door to the left is my room and the one to the right is yours,” Wyatt explained.

“Where’s the bathroom?”

“We have one in each of our rooms. That way, we don’t have to share as that would be awkward.”

Definitely, I agreed in my head but I was too busy looking around. If I thought of it as an apartment, it was a small one at that because there was no kitchen. Later on, Wyatt explained to me that in each floor, they had a kitchen and a dining room. Classes started at ten so I’d get to meet the others when we have breakfast. I wasn’t quite sure whether I was supposed to be excited as my roomie was about that. Bur right now, all I wanted was to get a decent sleep. And that’s exactly what I got.




The next morning, I was woken up by a happy Wyatt at exactly eight. He pushed me into the shower, hurrying me up so we’d be extra early to meet his friends. Right now, standing underneath the shower-head and feeling the hot water soak my hair, I wondered what I should do. I was already feeling a bit nauseous at the thought of talking to people. How can I just suddenly be so social? It would only end up as a catastrophe. My mouth would create huge problems once again. With a sigh, I stepped out the shower and quickly got dressed in black skinny jeans and a hoodie. Hoodies had always been my clothes of choice because then, I had the chance to hide away from the rest of the world when I needed to.

When we entered the kitchen, there was no one there but Wyatt picked up a small paper he found on the table. It read, “We’re over at the dining room. Already cooked breakfast as a treat for the newcomer. So head over there.”

“How many people know I’m here?” I asked.

“Pretty much the whole high school.”

I gulped. Great. That was perfect.

The End

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