2. Surprise, Surprise

Time moved by swiftly and with each second that passed by, I felt a growing anxiety inside me. I didn’t want to screw up this time, not again. One small mistake could tear me to shreds; leaving my reputation for the skunks. I was not going to do anything as dramatic as become the new “it-girl” in school or anything cliché like you’d see in those teenage movies. I wanted to be myself; fat chance that would take me a long way though. I’m Alyssa Green for crying out loud. As a child I was shy and quiet. Now I’m not bolder then I used to be but when I open my mouth, what comes out is what makes people hate me. I could change. Yeah, well good luck with that Aly. I always have this pessimistic voice inside my head, popping up at random times and giving me a negative view on myself. Right now it was dripping with sarcasm and I was starting to believe the fact that maybe I really was a b***h of a daughter and a black mark in society but then I snapped back to reality.

“Head high, Aly! Just relax,” I muttered to myself as I pushed the school gate open and walked in with my bags in hand. The only sound that could be heard was the crackle of the dry leaves under my shoes and my deep breaths. I headed toward a small, square shaped building which I assumed would be the office building. Pushing the glass door, I walked in. The first thing I saw was a woman seated behind a desk and typing away on her computer. She looked about in her early thirties with caramel colored hair and a thin, fragile like body. She was unaware of my presence and I cleared my throat so she would be. Looking up, she watched me for a split second before a mix of shock and embarrassment crossed her face.

“Alyssa Green?” She asked, jumping off her seat.

“Yes, I’m afraid that would be me,” I said back glumly.

“Oh dearie, I’m quite ashamed by my behavior. I told the driver to ring me when you were on your way here.”

“There was a driver?” I asked quizzically.

“Oh my! You came here in a taxi?! I apologize greatly for this! I had arranged a driver to pick you up and I’d even given him your picture! I’m so sorry!” The woman sounded like she was having a panic attack.

“Calm down. I’m here. Now all you have to do is take me to my room so I can have a nice long sleep. I’m tired,” I said.

“Of course you are. Long flight was it?”

“Obviously,” I muttered but she didn’t hear me.

On our way to the residence, I learnt that this woman’s name was Cassandra. She’s actually new on the job and was hoping to make a good impression to the rest of her staff. Apparently, my coming here proved wrong. On the way, we passed the basketball court which was right in front of my residence block and I saw a few boys playing. They looked my way but I quickly raised the hood of my jacket so they wouldn’t see my face.

“Wyatt!!” Cassandra yelled, waving her arms around like a mad woman.

“Jesus! What are you doing?”

“I want you to meet your roommate! He’ll take you the rest of the way.”

My eyes nearly popped out when I heard what she said. “He?”

“Hi!” I looked up to stare at the boy in front of me. His emerald eyes sparkled as he looked into my eyes. I directed my gaze to my feet which I suddenly found interesting.

“Alyssa, this is Wyatt, your roommate,” Cassandra introduced us. “I expect you to take her back to your room okay?”

That just sounded wrong…way wrong. I tried not to grimace but that’s what I ended up doing. A male roomie...well this was gonna change things. For one, he stank like hell and two…I think I was going to murder my parents. Christ, what kind of a school is this?!

The End

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