1. Alyssa Green

Sometimes you never know what struck you even if its still there, right between your eyes. That's how it was for me when my parents decided they send me to boarding school for a change. I'd expected it all along. I was just the odd one out between my sister and I. Brianna was bubbly and your typical Barbie-like girl, I'd always been overshadowed by my younger twin sister. She was the one jumping out and doing some crazy action pose in the old photo while I hung in the back, shy and quiet. Since we were kids, it'd always been the same. While my parents had loved both of us, there would still be the hushed whispers on how I was 'late to catch up on'. In school, she was the queen bee while I was labeled the 'depressed druggie', left outside the frame to wallow by myself.

Even after 16 years since my birth, I'd not changed. So maybe a change would help, wouldn't it? That's how I found myself, dressing up in front of the same old mirror I'd stood in front of. I remember how I'd dressed for my dance recital in 2nd grade here. But that was 2nd grade and that was the one time I was the star even when I didn't want to be. I remember leaping around that stage wondering, "When will I fall down? And when will Brianna come along and stand me back up again?"

Strange how being the elder twin by just a minute, I'd depended on her that time to be my knight. And how so many years later, I still thought of her the same way. Even if I outright hated her at times, we still had a bond to live up to; but we never did. She hated me. I hated her. But she still did her job of being the hero; just to get the fame. So this time, when my parents decided it was time for me to go live my own life and stop being a stick up their ass, neither of us felt any bitter emotions against mom and dad.

"Cab's ready," Brianna muttered, leaning against the doorframe of my room. I looked at her reflection through the mirror. There she was, the queen of our family. Her blonde hair cascaded gracefully past her shoulders down to her waist as her emerald eyes flickered to me uninterested. We were un-identical twins. We had nothing in common so no one would know we were related, even if we walked hand-in-hand together in a mall. Not like I'd ever do that.

"Well that's hell of good news." I said, taking hold of my bags and pushing past her, towards the front door. I passed my parents on the way but pretended not to notice as I headed toward the taxi, dumping the last luggage into the trunk.

"Why aren't any of your friends here Alyssa?" My mom's voice said from behind me. I turned around slowly, staring at her. As if she didn't know.

"Have you not noticed the past 16 years of my life mom? I don't have any."

"Well maybe you should try and make some where you're headed," Brianna scoffed.

I ignored her. I just wanted to get the hell outta here.

"Anyways I'm off," I muttered, putting my hand onto the cool metal of the handle.

"Wait, Alyssa. That's no way to say goodbye to your family," my father said sternly.

"So now we're family? When I'm leaving to some f***ked up school off in the middle of no where? I'm unwanted here. So you could just hold all those acts inside cause I'm not gonna believe them anytime soon. Brianna, hope you have a fun time screwing up the quarterback of the football team but a word of advice; go get a life. Mom, I know you regretted giving birth to me, I've always known that; so save the crap and have a fun time without me here. And Dad?" I paused for a moment, capturing a mental photograph of the look on their faces - they were livid. Oh well. "Stop sucking up to Brianna now and then alright? She's gonna be the death of you, I swear. Instead, why don't you do some yoga?"

Then with that last word, I got into the taxi and said, "Go now." The black woman in front of me didn't need to hear it again. Just as I was fixing my earphones on, I heard her say, "Girl, you screwed up you know that?" I smirked at her. I've heard that phrase so many times directed right at me, so this was just another. "You have no idea."

The End

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