A Twisted Love

Alyssa Green was the elder twin, the one who never got the chance to shine and never really wanted to. So when she gets the chance to leave her old life behind, she takes the chance happily. *'kay so I'm still brainstorming the plot, till now that's all I've got. xD But do read!*

Hey-ho Fellow Protagonizer.

This is solo story of mine. And just as the genres indicate, it's a teen/young adult, romance, gay/lesbian story. Well, I've never written such a story and I never thought I would but here I am. Strange, how Protag can make you discover and develop new ideas, partly by reading others stories. : )

Well the plot is still in progress and I don't have a story line. I'm just gonna go with the flow and see where it leads me. =P But this is all I've got at the moment:

Alyssa Green's the elder twin in a family of two children, herself and her sister, Brianna. She'd always hated her family - because they never cared about her. But when she got the chance to move away from a life she hates and start over, she decides to take it.

Well I'll update this page once I have more on my mind. But for rightn ow, that's all I have.

Wish me good luck!


The End

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