A Twist Of Fate.Mature

Moira Baker is a 16-year-old american girl, living with her father. She knows she's different, she can feel it. She just doesn't know how different...Yet.

Chapter 1: Secret Beginnings


9 April

 I have woken with a feeling of complete dread. It is 4am and I cannot help but feel that something is going to go horribly wrong...Soon and I won’t have the power to stop it. It’s possible that I am just shaken from my nightmare but I cannot be sure. It was so vivid and terrifying and it seemed so fucking real. I can’t be sure of anything these days except the fact that I can light fires with my mind...It’s kind of scary but I can control it... For the moment anyway. I only light candles at the moment so I don't give my Dad any clue that I can do it without actually touching the candle. Should I talk to him about it? Would it help? Mom could do it before... it happened. She could do more than just that. Dad cannot though (He’s not my birth father but he’s always treated me like his own, him and Mom got together while she was pregnant with me and married the year after) but that’s not the reason I don’t want to talk to him about it. He knows that Mom could and I don’t want to cause him any pain by talking about her gifts, my gifts, I don’t think he could handle it. Not so soon after Mom’s gone.  Sometimes I wonder whether my mother made a mistake, sacrificing herself for me. I wonder whether it should have been me with the knife in my chest instead of her. Shit, now I’m crying, I miss her so much that it hurts, it hurts all the time and nothing helps. I have no fucking clue how I am going to manage with school later but I have no choice. Should I be worried about my classes? I wasn’t usually.

My tarot has also worried me, whether it’s because it has just portrayed the feelings left from my nightmare or whether it is the truth I don’t know, but the cards showed something very strange, they told me I am going to meet a stranger, handsome, tall, dark and possibly... Dangerous. And it is this bit that scares me. I’m not sure what to do about it. Should I mention it to someone? Maybe it’s just me over-reacting but maybe not. Should I really worry about it at all?

*I think something is coming. Something no one will be able to control. Something deadly to us all and I cannot do anything about it. I can’t even prove it.*

 Okay I didn’t write that ^ ^ Well I don’t remember writing it anyway, I can’t say who did though, I don’t know. This is scaring me beyond belief. I know I didn’t write it as its only 4:48am and I remember writing the sentence above it just a minute ago. Should I tell Jaycee and Kaya? I don’t know if I can trust them with it, I don’t know how they’ll react and whether they could handle everything. Maybe I should leave it for now, it’ll be alright, and I’ll tell them when it’s right. I will tell them soon.

For now, it looks like I’m going to have to wait and see what happens...Shit! I don’t handle waiting very well...Not that I have a choice at the moment.

Moira Baker looked up from her purple velvet bound diary. It was now 5am, the time she usually got up for school. Steadily and quietly, she placed her diary into the hidden pocket she’d made in her school bag (she’d cut the lining in the corner and added a zip, no-one could see it.) and made her way into the bathroom to take a quick shower before getting ready. All she could think about was her nightmare; she couldn’t shake those images from her mind. Even as the warm water flowed down her slightly-tanned, naked figure in a way that should have relaxed her, she couldn’t help but fear the days ahead and she didn’t know why. Climbing out of the shower, gracefully, she dried herself and slipped into a black hip-hugging mini-dress with a red belt around the middle and red stiletto-heeled shoes. She curled her hair, added a small bow clip at the side, just above her ear, did her make-up (natural of course) and grabbed her bag before graciously, but silently as her father was still asleep, heading downstairs to wait for her friends to arrive ready to walk to school.

The walk to school was unusually quiet, especially considering the fact that they were three teenage girls who usually had loads to talk about. It made Moira even more uneasy than she was already. Her mind was racing, should she say something to her friends? She trusted them more than anyone but she wasn’t sure if she could trust them with everything she was feeling right now. Not yet, at least. Reaching the school, Moira hung back as her friends pranced into the building. She needed a minute to think, without them.

Then she saw him. A stranger across the road. Stepping out of his black Mercedes, he was a vision. Although there was clearly something mysterious about the tall, dark and handsome guy across the road, Moira was drawn to him, she couldn’t help but stare, and that was when he noticed her. She looked away quickly but it was just a little too late, he was heading towards her. Leaning towards her, he whispered in her ear,

“My name is Phelan Mallahoy, if you wondered.”

“Moira Baker” She just about managed to reply before watching him walk into school before her.

Overwhelmed by him, Moira wandered into school in a sort of trance, only able to think of him. Even her friends couldn’t shake him from her thoughts. In History, Phelan sat just two desks away from her. All Moira wanted to do was stare across at him, but that would seem weird, wouldn’t it? Instead she just buried herself in her assignment, occasionally stopping to steal a glance at him, hopefully without him noticing because that would be embarrassing to explain. The rest of the day was a complete blur until she saw him standing at her locker at the end of the day.

“Well this is a sur..,” she started to say as she approached him, but she was cut off as he swept her into his arms and kissed her passionately. It was as though they had been dating for years, yet in reality she knew absolutely nothing about him. Not yet anyway, but at that precise moment she just didn’t care. She was head-over-heels in love already.

Riding home with him, much to her friends’ surprise, she found out he was staying on the edge of town with a family friend. His name was Celtic, and it meant Wolf. He had instantly felt drawn to her and he definitely wanted to get to know her better. Arriving at her house, she kissed him lightly before heading inside and straight up to her room with a slight bounce in her step. He seemed to make all her fears fade away into the ether. However, as she took one step into her room all her fears came flooding back, it was so intense that she almost fell backwards. It seemed that if Phelan wasn’t around, she couldn’t be happy.



9 April (continued)

Back again.

I met someone today. A guy. Phelan (it means Wolf) and he mesmerized me. When he was near, my fears just melted away, but they’re back. I can’t help but wonder if he’s the stranger that my tarot mentioned earlier. He certainly fits the profile, a stranger, and definitely mysterious. The problem is that I can’t help but feel drawn to him. He makes me feel safe. I know this is a lot to say about someone I only met today but I really do believe that I am in love with him. I don’t quite understand it, I’m never this rash. He told me on the way home that he was drawn to me, that he couldn’t stop thinking about me, but I wonder if he really meant it or if it is just a ploy to get me to trust him. What do I do? His kiss certainly felt like he meant everything he said. I just hope he does. He’s amazing. I just hope he loves me, like I love him.       –M.B

            Moira stopped writing and put her diary in the secret compartment at the back of the top drawer of her bed-side cabinet. Lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling, she was deep in thought about how amazing Phelan made her feel. She could see his black hair and his seductive green eyes luring her into a chance. She was so deeply in thought that she, inevitably, fell asleep. She started to dream...



 If she only knew, if she only knew how much she means to me. If only she knew the truth about what brought me here. I wonder, would she still feel the same or would she try to forget me. I cannot tell her, not yet, I am not yet sure she would understand. She has a true gift, I can feel it. I can feel how powerful it is, even though she has not fully discovered it herself...Yet. Though she will soon, I am sure of it. Once she understands her gift, I shall tell her the truth about myself, but not before. I need her, she is everything. I just hope she feels the same. Is she drawn to me as I am to her? Everytime I close my eyes I can see her long auburn hair glistening in the sun and her emerald green eyes staring blissfully yet seductively into mine. Her lips, so soft, and the passion as she kissed me back. I can feel it all the time. But most of all, I can feel her power. Such a raw concentration of power resides deep within her mind, heart and soul. She just needs to discover it. Maybe I can help her, if she can trust me enough. I can’t help but feel that if she doesn’t discover her gifts potential in time then we are all in danger. She is more important to this town than she realises, than anyone realises. If only she knew. But my feelings for her are true, that I definitely know, though I’m not sure of much else. I know there is danger coming. I can sense it. To overcome this danger will be near-impossible and I know that both Moira and I have a particular role, but beyond that I know nothing.

It’s frustrating how little I actually know compared to what may happen. I don’t know how I can deal with it, but I cannot think about it at this moment. I need to relax. I need to see Moira soon. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.         –Wolf.

Phelan looked up from his book and stared out of bay window situated opposite his bed. He watched the magpies finishing their nests with bits of shiny wrappers and scraps of shiny metals and wondered if his life would be simpler if he were an animal. Would it be easier? Maybe. But then perhaps not. After what seemed like a while, he gave up on that thought, went back to thinking of Moira more intensely and fell asleep.



~A foggy, yet somehow clear night, the rain is pounding on the rooftops. Moira and Phelan, sitting beneath the oldest Oak tree in the peaceful graveyard on the outskirts of the town. Entwined together, they whisper as though they were afraid that if they spoke louder they would be overheard and would disturb the dead. At the appearance of a figure, looming threateningly towards them, they spring up and start running back towards the town, fearing that they wouldn’t get back. Is it too late?

Moira turns, throws her hands forward and with such ease lightning spirals towards the enemy illuminating the darkness.~


Moira and Phelan are woken suddenly, sat bolt upright in their beds. Strangely, they are both aware that they have shared the same dream. Fear and surprise course through them as they both try to figure the dream out. What should they do?


10 April, around 4am.

            What the fuck? That’s never happened before. I have a strong feeling that Phelan and I just shared the same dream. I know it sounds strange but I am certain of it. I am actually shaking at the moment. Not by the fact we shared a dream but by the amount of power I displayed in the dream, there is just no way. I don’t understand. I have a little power, as I have explained before but not that much. It’s unreal to think that I could throw lightning. But it was just a dream, wasn’t it? Could it possibly happen?

I think it was just a dream, but I’m not certain. The one thing I am certain about is that I need to see Phelan, talk to him. I know he feels it too, I just know it. There is danger coming, but what can I do? Seriously.  Why is it me that’s having these nightmares? Does it mean that I’m supposed to do something about the forthcoming dangers? It can’t be. I can’t. I’m nowhere near powerful enough.  I’m insignificant compared to my mother. I wish she was here, she’d know what to do. She shouldn’t have died. It should have been me. Fuck!         


Closing her diary, Moira reached into her jewellery box and pulled out her mother’s amulet and tied it around her own neck, tears rolling down her cheeks. She needed Phelan, she couldn’t go through the pain alone and she couldn’t speak to her father about it, it would destroy him. She couldn’t shake the fear at all. She needed to see Phelan, or even just talk to him. She knew he was awake, she could feel him, but decided that it was still too early to call and she would wait to see him in school. It wasn’t too long to wait, but it was long enough. She once again put her diary in her bag and got ready for school.

While waiting for her friends, Moira remembered that she hadn’t told them anything about it all yet and wondered whether to today or not. She hadn’t made up her mind by the time they arrived so it was then that she decided she wouldn’t. Not yet. Although, she would tell them about her dream, but not that she and Phelan had shared it. As they slowly wandered to school, Moira began to explain her dream to Jaycee and Kaya, to which they replied with;

“That’s well weird M, what are you going to do about it?”

“I honestly don’t know, maybe nothing for now, I mean it’s only a dream isn’t it?” Moira replied with a noticeable amount of uncertainty in her voice. She wasn’t sure it was just a dream and she hadn’t mentioned that she knew that Phelan had had the same dream. They had just wandered into school when Moira looked up and saw Phelan in a leather jacket and tight-ish black jeans, leaning against her locker.

“See you later girls” Moira said waving to them as she went to see Phelan. She didn’t even turn to see if they had waved back, she just wanted Phelan to hold her. As she half ran to him he grabbed her and pulled her close. She suddenly felt safe again. She felt like no one could hurt her if he was around.

Everyone stared at them as they wondered into Religious Studies that morning, but Moira didn’t care. As long as she was around Phelan, she was happy. Yet, as always, there was that fear, lurking deep inside her and she couldn’t shake it. They sat together and discussed the dream they’d shared, whispering so that no-one could hear them. Although it had terrified them, they decided that as long as they were together, they could face anything. They were stronger together.

As they left the school at the end of the day and strolled over to Phelan’s car, Moira asked Phelan if he had any idea what the dream meant and why she had so much power in it. Phelan replied with;

“You do have that much power inside; you just have to learn how to use it.”

“How?” Moira asked, looking rather puzzled.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you.”  Said Phelan, mysteriously before kissing Moira gently on the lips and opening the passenger door for her to get in. The drive home was quiet until they got to Moira’s and she asked if Phelan wanted to come in so they could talk about the dream some more. They walked into the house; Moira’s dad was still at work so they went straight upstairs to Moira’s room. While sitting and talking, Moira couldn’t help but wonder how Phelan knew she had that amount of power, but she didn’t want to ask. Not yet. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for what the answer may be.

The End

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