A turn-up for the booksMature

A story of a submissive pushed too far

Blindfolded and gagged with my wrists bound behind my back with strong leather restraints, I knelt in front of my Mistress and awaited her instruction. As I sat on my heels, I heard her get up off the bed and move to stand in front of me. The silky smooth eye-mask allowed me a tiny window of sight if I strained my eyes to look right down my nose. In this window I could just about see her feet pointing directly at me.

As I waited for her to speak, all manner of kinky desires filled my head. What would she have me do? Would she get me to kiss her feet and worship her? Would I be made to ravage her perfect arse while she grinded into my face, pressing me into her silken flesh? I could feel my cock stiffen, and a shiver pass through my pelvic floor as I envisioned myself eating her ass. The leather thong she had picked out for me felt tighter and more confining now.

“Well slave” she intoned after what seemed like an hour of appraising her sex slave, “who do you adore?”

“You, Mistress” I replied dutifully.

            “Then show me.”

            “How can I show you?”

            “You can begin by licking . . . My hips”

            She weaved her hand into my hair and pulled me toward the bed. Her left thigh brushed off my face and the temptation to begin there was overwhelming. As soon as my tongue tipped off her warm leg, she yanked me away. She knew that slip of the tongue was no accident.

            “What did I say, slave?”

            “To lick you.”                 

            “Where?” She punctuated this remark by leaning forward and spanking me. Her hair brushed my face as her hand met my butt and sent a tingle of pleasure coursing through my body.

            “Your hips.”

            “That’s right. If I told you to lick my hips, why then did you start at my thigh?” Another spanking, another wave of kinky pleasure.

            “I thought you might enjoy it.”

            “Oh I do” she said in that sexy dominatrix tone that made me melt many times before, “but I didn’t give you that permission did I?” This time her spank received a moan from my lips. “Now, do what I gave you permission to do.”

            “Yes Mistress.” She guided me up to her hip and pushed my lips to it. I kissed and licked ferociously, urged on by my cock stretching the front of my thong. Oh, how I wanted to bend her over and fuck her senseless, until she couldn’t walk from the ache between her legs, but I couldn’t just ask permission for that. I would be spanked until my butt was bruised and I was begging forgiveness.

            I continued ravaging her hip, biting and gnawing occasionally, with every intention of driving her into a carnal frenzy. Her hands held my head and urged me on. She didn’t complain about the biting nor did she stop me from continuing. Had she just let a mistake slide?

            I didn’t have long to contemplate this radical thought because no sooner had I thought it, she moved me down to her pussy to up the ante and drive her wild with my dirty mouth. I flicked and sucked and nibbled on her pussy until she was dripping in my mouth and moaning freely. Though I couldn’t see her writhing from the subtle flicks of my tongue, my other senses heightened to fill the gap. I could smell her sex, it was strong and delicious; I didn’t want to stop tasting her. I could feel her temperature rising as blood rushed to her pussy and caused greater levels of ecstasy. I could hear her getting close; her voice came in heavy panting breaths. With each movement of my tongue, each little suction of her clit in my mouth bringing her closer to cum.

            “That’s a good bitch. Fuck me with your tongue. Make me cum in your mouth.”

            I was aching for release myself. My cock throbbed and yearned to fuck her, to make her scream my name and claw my back like a wild beast. I wished so badly to be touched by her, to have her reward her faithful servant. Surely she could not be so cruel as to ignore my need to cum for her?

            I was surprised when she pulled me back by my hair and whispered in my ear: “Good slave. I’m enjoying your dirty mouth tongue-fucking me but it’s time to assume a better position”

            “Yes, Mistress” I complied.

            She got up from the bed and let her hand flow from my head down to my restraints. She tugged at them and I stood up, letting her use me however she pleased.

            “Such a good little sex slave. I’ve decided to make this more fun for you”

            “May I enquire as to how?”

            “You will lie on the bed and lick my pussy until I come all over that pretty little face of yours. How does that sound?”

            “Thank you, Mistress. You are too kind to me. Could I perhaps make a request of you please?” I begged. I needed her to touch me, to even just flick the tip of my cock. I was so horny, such minimal contact might cause me to shoot my load in her face. Oh how I desired it.

            “And what might that be?” she sounded dubious at my request but would at least here me out.

            “Please touch me, Mistress. My cock aches for you. A kiss. The merest lick with your tongue. Please Mistress. Please.”

            “You beg so prettily. It bores me. I will touch you as I see fit, and on this occasion, I will not be touching your cock until I am done with your tongue. Though I will allow you to see.”

            I couldn’t take this any longer. She had denied me pleasure for more than a week now, using me as hers for whatever despicable deeds she wanted done. I had given her massages, fingered her, kissed her entire body, and she still refuses to give me the simple release I so desperately craved. It was torture. Plain and simple. Something inside of me snapped and I realised that I didn’t have to be a good little submissive all the time. I could misbehave and to hell with the punishment. I wanted to fuck her so hard she wouldn’t be able to walk for days. If I did that, she mightn’t punish me too harshly.

            She removed the blindfold, and the soft light of the room overwhelmed me. I opened my eyes in tiny fractions, slowly adjusting to the new stimulus. The dark purple curtains were drawn and lamps in alcoves around the room shed a soft light on the elegant red duvet. I paid little more attention to the room and instead focused on my Mistress. She smirked as she glanced at my obvious erection that threatened to burst out of my underwear and ruin the thong. She waved her hand near enough that it just grazed the tip of my tent and caused me to shudder. I saw her break into a wide sadistic grin, and she motioned for me to lie on the bed.I complied with her command, not offering even the slightest hint of resistance though I was quite visibly dejected. How could she use me like this and not grant this littlest of requests?

 She began to undo my restraints so that my arms could be above my head as I licked her sweet pussy and tasted her. When my left arm was free, I turned quickly, unbalancing her and causing her to fall across my crotch. I jerked my arm free and rolled her off of me. Before she could react and reprimand me, I had gotten on all fours over her slender form and pinned her face down.

“That was a mistake” I growled in her ear. She struggled and jerked but I was too heavy for her to throw off.

“Get off of me, slave!” she spat. “Obey me now or else your punishment will be most severe. Even more so than in the past”

“I don’t think so” I said as I intertwined my fingers in her hair and wrenched her head back so I could speak right into her ear. “For once, I am going to do as I please and get some satisfaction.”

“Don’t. You. Dare.”

“Oh I will” I punctuated this statement with a firm slap to her pert ass, eliciting a grunt that betrayed her arousal at being dominated. I decided to take things further and assert my control over her.

Weighing her down with my torso, I removed my restraints and used them to bind her hands. She put up little resistance. I think she expected for me to start a negotiation of sorts, and she was right. I would indeed be discussing our arrangement but not before relieving myself.

I manoeuvred her onto her knees, and appreciated that gorgeous arse of hers, begging to be spanked. And spank it I did. I was rewarded with a moan that sounded as though she was enjoying my abuse. Was she beginning to enjoy this? Had I knocked her off her pedestal and taken her place?

            My thoughts were interrupted by my cock flexing and rubbing against the firm leather of my thong. I removed it, and started stroking myself gently, careful not to explode right now. She didn’t seem to notice this.

            She couldn’t have failed to notice my cock pressing at her pussy, slowly entering her. Her groan of pleasure meant she definitely knew what was about to happen. Yet still she didn’t say a word. She quivered a little as I rocked back and forth, gently at first to ease her into it. When I could feel her getting moist and aroused, I increased my pace. My hand on the small of her back steadied her and held in her place so she couldn’t avoid my thrusts. As I fucked her, she moaned softly and continually.

            “Bitch?” I said firmly.

            She didn’t reply.

            I grabbed her hair, pulled her head back to my mouth, and growled “Bitch?”

            “Yes?” she replied airily.

            “You are mine. Say it.”


I pulled out, spanked her with an intensity slightly above a firm slap.

“You. Are. Mine. Say. It.” Each word punctuated with a spanking, alternating between cheeks.

“I’m yours” she said shakily.

“Good girl. I am your Master now, and you will address me as such.”

“Yes, Master” she replied.

“Good slave.” I pressed her onto her stomach on the bed, and entered her from behind, using my hands on her shoulders to hold her steady. She met each thrust by titling her hips into me. As I built up speed and her moaning increased in tandem, I couldn’t help thinking: She wanted this. She needed it. She wanted to be dominated and used for my own filthy purposes.

“You’re a filthy slut.”

“I’m a filthy slut” she moaned back.

“You’re my filthy slut.”


“My what?”

“Your filthy slut.”

I could feel trembling in my pelvic floor: the beginnings of an orgasm. I began grunting in her ear, which only caused her to moan louder. The quivering became more and more noticeable, my cock was twitching in time with it. She knew I was close.

“Cum inside me, Master. I am your willing slave. Fuck me hard, use me, abuse me, and treat me like the dirty whore I am.”

Her beautiful bout of filth had done it. Just as I was about to cum, I pulled out and turned her over. My cock pulsed violently and shot thick streams of cum across her chest, covering her with each jet of hot semen. It seemed to last for an eternity. The contractions and relaxations of my pelvic floor caused a tremor of pleasure to radiate outwards to the edges of my body, even reaching all the way up to the top of my head.

I collapsed onto the bed beside her, breathing heavily. She was covered in my hot sex, and I was thoroughly satisfied with this cum-drenched whore of mine. I was amazed at how strong that orgasm had been. Never had I experienced anything like it. She got up on her elbows and looked searchingly at me. I wondered what was going through her head and concluded that she could use a cuddle.

“Good slave. Come here. You may lie across my chest”

“Thank you, Master” she said, and she lay on my chest and huddled her body into mine. I enfolded her in my arms and held her close. She nestled closer when I kissed her forehead as though she were the most delicate thing in the world. In minutes, she was snoozing. Drained of spunk and energy, I succumbed to the sweet embrace of sleep, too tired to even think of what next to do with this wonderful woman lying beside me.

The End

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