The Visitor

“Are you a sight for sore eyes...” I said, falling into the waiting arms.

“Missed me then?” I could feel him smelling my hair, drinking me in, and I relished the feeling of sexiness and being wanted. It made a change from being either invisible or a freak in this huge city of beautiful people.

“Drink?” I offered, walking over to the kitchen area of my small studio.

“Sure I’m not interrupting anything?” He said, with a mischievous grin, eyeing my cup of cocoa and open book on the table.

“Ha ha.” I said, pouring out a brandy for each of us. I wondered what she was doing. Why was he here so late and on a week night? They must have had a row I thought. Stupid cow, she doesn’t know what she has got. Oh well, her loss I thought as the brandy hit my stomach and buoyed my bravery. I know how lucky we are even if she doesn’t I thought.

“Come on...” I led him to the bathroom and turned the shower on hot. As I bared the body I usually keep hidden from the world I shivered with excitement. My imperfections were on show for only him to see and his body responded with its usual enthusiasm. These nights were my lifeline... an oasis of pleasure in a dessert of misery and monotony, I threw myself wholely into loving him, for I knew the morning would bring new pain, new challenges and plenty more misery.

The End

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