A true unsolved mystery

An theft of a Roman artefact, and how the Freemasonary protect their members

Mystery at the museum

This is a tale of mystery that has never been solved from my days at the museum, we all had our views of what went on, but the truth never emerged.

The ground floor was being patrolled by two ex-policemen, the case was locked, alarmed and had infra-red protection and was on camera at all times.

And yet even with all this protection, a Roman artefact was stolen in broad daylight, no alarm went off, nobody noticed it was missing for a while, as curators often took things out, and usually left a note for those of us who worked on the ground floor, but not always.

The curators and the floor staff always got on well, we knew our places, and treated with the respect and dignity their station was owed, and on the other hand, if they needed a way of moving something, we were often asked the best way of  moving things.

Under the ground floor in the basement is a labyrinth of tunnels, and it was here that I met the curator one afternoon.

 ‘ David did you take an article out of a case a few days ago ?’ I asked David Dawson, head of Archaeology.

  ‘ No ! Alan I did not, what makes you ask ? ‘

 ‘ It is that an artefact is missing, and I know sometimes you are so busy,  that you do not allows remember the paper to tell us what is happening ! ‘

 ‘ We have not had anything out of the cases in weeks Alan, when did it go missing ?

‘ It went out about 2 weeks ago David, I didn’t mention it before, as I was not sure if you knew of it at the time. ‘

‘ Who was on the floor at the time ?’

‘ That day it was Alf and Colin !’

‘ Thanks for telling me Alan, we will look into it. ‘

There was  a police search and questioning the two concerned people, as well as getting a description from David, but nothing ever arose, the artefact had for all purposes vanished, to this day it has stayed out of sight.As an afterthought of the power of the Masons, Alf was moved out to a branch museum the next week.

Colin was quickly promoted to be a temporary boss, the worst we ever had.

In his 6 month spell, he almost got charged with assaulting another member of staff, one member carried a written apology from him, until he died a few years later, he almost caused a mass walk-out of ALL museum staff with his arrogant bull-headedness. But this pails in comparison with his big disaster.

Wilf and Sylvester were always on the top floor, we did not mind as we knew Sylvester had bad knees and needed to be able to sit now and then, and Wilf had varicose veins, and also needed to rest.

Colin decided to change things around, and put them on the hard marble ground floor, we begged him and explained why, but he WAS boss, and his word would be done.

Then, one day I saw a sight, I hope never to see again, Wilf was on patrol, when his veins burst, he collapsed on the floor in a pool of blood and we just managed to stem the flow of blood.

After 6 months, of bull-headed arrogance, he was replaced by a humourless, spineless, ex-police inspector and thus was the start of a closed shop, until I left 8 years later; where only ex-police, got a job or promotion.

The only other way was to be a back stabber, or to suck up to the bosses, and I would do neither, as I have to live with myself, and know I can do the job.

The End

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