no! help!

I try to make sound come out my throat. I really really try. I cannot. No sound comes. Please let me talk. How do you talk?

Suddenly I amlookingacross at the wall opposite me. What? I look up. It hurts my neck. I sit on my back legs my tail long black and white tail curving around me. Wait. Tail!?! I look at myself and find a cats small black and white body sitting where my body should be.

"Meow?" Thatnoise did it come from my throat?

"Tony you have to change back" The female with brown hair speakes to me. I cower suddenly scared. Why am I scared? I don't know.

"I don't know how." I try to say but what comes out is "Meow meow meow" I frown in consentration.

"Think of your own body." The white nurse says.

no. why should you? you couldrun away and do what you want

Asnide voice says to me.


The End

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