My Life


I need to find it. This book says its special. That no one has ever been able to translate most of the words. I stop when I see two people sitting at it.

"Hey" I call. I wall and I think I may have made a bit of an impression already. My pure white hair that slightly sparkles. Then my light blue eyes that are so light they could be white them selves. They also seem to have swishes of white in them.

"Uh Hi" One of them says. The other waves.

"My name's Elisa"



"Well its nice to meet you all" I say pulling back my hair letting my side fringe fall across my right eye. I fidget not knowing what to say. "So what's everyone doing here?"

"I like to relax here" Adelaide says.

"Came to see this statue" Candice says.

"Me too" I say happy to be on the subject. "Do you know most of those words haven't been translated?"

"A bit yeah" Candice says.

"I did too" Adelaide says.

"I came here to work it out. Will you guys try and help me" I pause. "Problem is its already getting late"

The End

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