A Second Chance

When the prisoners were taken out of the carriage by force, one man and woman stood before them. One with a piece of paper and a quill, the other one empty handed. Both had a muscular structure and were quite tall.

"Omd Tasban, you have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people by murdering that child in cold blood. It is time you pay your dues." A woman in steel armor said as she shoved Omd to the chopping block. 

Omd was a Nord, the native people of Skyrim. All of Helgen watched as the Imperial soldier looked at the executioner and nodded. The axe came down swiftly and cut Omd's head clean off. Blood poured from the neck like a flowing river. The Imperial soldier kicked his body off and looked at the man who was in front of the blonde haired woman. 

"Mendre Aleick of Rorikstead. Many people call you a town heroine, but no town heroine murders a whore." The Imperial soldier said as he attempted to grab Mendre. 

"No! I didn't kill her! I shouldn't be here!" Mendre yelled as he tried to run away from the Imperials. 

"Guards!" The Imperial woman shouted.

Guards that lined the city walls readied their bows and shot at Mendre. As Mendre ran, he was struck in the back. He fell to the ground like a falling pillar. The people in Helgen looked in shock. Is this what their beloved Skyrim had come to? Murdering people.

"And you?" The Imperial woman said to the woman with blonde hair.

The woman which stood before the Imperial woman was in tattered robe and had dirt all over her face. Her eyes were as dark as what her name was. The woman looked up at the soldier.

"What's your name? You're not on the list." The soldier said looking up from her piece of paper.

"Ravenna. Ravenna Darkhallow." Ravenna said as she looked up. 

"Ravenna Darkhallow? You're THE Ravenna Darkhallow? From Cyrodiil correct? But no matter. Your name means nothing to us in Skyrim! Take her to the block!" The Imperial woman shouted.

Ravenna felt the cold touch of steel. The grip on her was firm. She tried to refuse to move, for she had done nothing wrong. All she was guilty of was coming into Skyrim at the wrong time. The soldier stopped in his tracks and slapped Ravenna. The cold, icy touch of the gauntlets chilled her, but she kept her dignity. 

"C'mon!" The soldier shouted.

Ravenna picked her feet up and walked towards the block. As Ravenna reached the block, her entire life flashed before her. She whispered to herself that she was a strong woman and that something would happen so she wouldn't die. Then she felt it. The feeling you get when someone puts their boot on your back and kick you to the ground. As she fell to the ground, everyone heard it; a screech. But this wasn't any normal screech. This was the metal on metal screech. The screech many had not heard their entire lives. It was a screech only told in legends and storied of ancient Nords. It was the screech of a dragon. 

"Did you hear that?" A man in full Legion uniform, obviously their general asked.

"General Tullius, it couldn't be what I think it is?" Another Legion member asked. 

"Of course not. They haven't been around since... since before our time. These... noises haven't been heard since the time of ancient Nords. When the Dovhakiin once roamed the Skyirm." General Tullius replied, having a look of doubt in his eyes. 

"Get on with her execution!" The woman yelled. 

"We'll send your body back to Cryodiil." General Tullius said as he gave the executioner the nod.

As the axe began to swing down, a huge black dragon landed on one of the towers in Helgen! The dragon for a moment just sat there, waiting. It had big black wings, which looked tattered as if it was in a fight. It's eyes were as red as the core of the Earth. Everyone stared at it, giving Ravenna time to get to her feet. Finally, it spoke.

"Thesek dout treskri lae coi ui sonetor ini ibafarshani

The dragon lifted its wings and hovered over the town like a gloomy cloud that carried rain. In an instant, a majority of the townspeople fell to their feet as the massive dragon began to make it rain fire. People screamed and ran. No one knew what the hell to do. 

Ravenna felt a man trying to lift her up. It was on of the Legion members. He didn't speak but just led Ravenna to safety, for that period of time. She watched as the man left the tower and went out to fight the dragon. The tower was old, just like the town itself. It had the symbol of the Legion on it. A dragon with its wings enclosed on itself. The people around Ravenna were either dead or laying on the floor moaning and crying. The man came back into the tower and told Ravenna to follow him. 

"I don't have much time to talk, but you need to trust me on this. When we get to the top of this tower, I need you to jump off the top and into the house that is below it. The straw roof has burned off, so you don't have a reason to miss it. I know this sounds completely insane, but it's our only hope of surviving. Not many are going to live to tell this tale!" The man in Imperial armor said to Ravenna.

Ravenna was reluctant at first, but then got to her feet. She realized that if she was going to die, it wasn't going to be because of some dragon. She followed the man, but halfway to the top, the dragon plowed its head through the wall of the tower and scorched a majority of the people and items in it. The Imperial man and Ravenna though, made it out unharmed. When the two reached the top of the tower, all they saw was a town, once small and peaceful, now burning and chaotic.

This was darkness. Not the fairytale darkness the people of Helgen had grown up with. This was pure darkness. The old tales of dragons and the Dovhakiin were finally coming back to life. No one in Skyrim had seen a dragon in over one-thousand years. Most people thought they were finally safe, but they soon found out that they were wrong. Everything the lived for and built was gone. Ravenna looked from the burning buildings and smoke and turned her view towards the peaceful mountains. The wind blew her hair and she began to run! She had found her inner strength and decided that she had the will to survive. As she met the end  of the top of the tower, she picked her legs up off the ground. During her fall, she felt the wind against her face and finally, she felt her legs hit the wooden floorboards. 

"Not bad." The man said to her, nodding his head in approval. "The Legion could use strong people like you."

"Me? Join the people that just tried to kill me? You're real funny. By the way, if I am going to be spending some time with you trying to escape this infernal hell, I think I 'ought to know your name." Ravenna said laughing.

"My name? My name is Hadvar." Hadvar said extending his hand.

"Well, you already know my name." Ravenna said smiling, shaking Hadvar's hand.

"Well, we best get movin' unless you want to become a roast for whatever the hell that thing is." Hadvar said pointing to the massive dragon.

"Ehs geou jutosh sia ibafarshani!

"I don't know what it just said, but I rather not be here when it goes through with what it said." Ravenna said with a weary look. 

The two ran from the house, but something caught Ravenna's eye. She saw a small child, roasted. How could something be so cruel? She started to move towards the child, but Hadvar grabbed her wrist and pulled her in the other direction.

"We don't have time for him. He's already dead." Hadvar said, trying not to look at the child.

Hadvar didn't let go of Ravenna's wrist until the reached a wall that they could hide behind for cover. But even then, they didn't stay there too long. As the two were getting up, the dragon landed on the wall. Ravenna's body went ice cold and Hadvar stood there like a rock, neither one moving a muscle. The dragon only stayed there for a short while, but once it left, Hadvar pointed towards a building. 

"Look, that's Helgen Keep. It's the only safe way out of here. If we can make it to there, we're as good as alive. Now on three, we're going to run. You can do it. I believe in you." Hadvar said. "One... Two... THREE!" 

Ravenna picked up her tattered robe as they ran from the wall, through the burning town square, and finally into the courtyard of Helgen Keep! Helgen Keep felt like it was the only building left untouched from the attack. Hadvar walked over and opened the door. The last thing Ravenna remembered hearing and seeing was a poor burnt woman searching for her kid. As she looked at the woman, Hadvar pulled her into Helgen Keep! 

The End

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