A Trek Not Forgotten

The air was cool and the sun was just rising over the mountains. The clatter of horses and the rumbling of carriages could be heard all the way in Helgen. The Legion had caught some more people trying to escape from their crimes. All of the men and women were in ragged robes and one of them, a tall man with medium blonde hair, was the only one not wearing ragged clothing. He was in a blue robe. He was Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak. 

"Ahh, glad to see you're awake." A man said to the woman sitting beside him.

"I don't see why you're so cheery. I mean, they are just going to kill us." The woman said back in a vile tone. 

The woman looked over and saw the walls of a city. Helgen. They were being taken to Helgen for their executions. The mood of the day was too cheery for such a terrible event that was about to happen. 

"Quiet back there!" One of the Imperial soldiers shouted. 

The woman glared at the soldier before looking back, trying to strike up a conversation with Ulfric. "So, why are you in here? I mean, you look to royal to me." 

Ulfric looked at her, almost smiling. "Well, my pretty lass, I killed High King Torygg with the voice." 

The woman let out a small laugh, not saying another word. The gate of Helgen opened, and the carriages came rolling into Helgen. The time had come for all of them to return to Soverngarde. Children lined the streets as the Imperial soldiers moved on. Though most of the children's parents sent them back inside. Finally, the carriages came to a halt and the Imperials grabbed all the prisoners by the arms and took them out of the carriage.

The End

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