A Treatise on Vampires and Their Culture in Modern Days (Ch. VIII)


There are plenty of debates on vampirism portraying it as either a blessing or a curse. However, everyone recognizes that our condition holds certain... advantages. I speak of supernatural powers and abilities that Kindred can employ for his benefit, such as mental manipulation, superhuman physical prowess, or even my favorite, blood sorcery. All vampires have the potential to learn these and other powers, which are closely related to the clan's bloodline, from its founder to the newest generation. Some clans share an aptitude for the same skill, while others have unique (and diligently guarded) abilities. Usually, these powers dictate a vampire's rise and fall, although their usage consumes a more or less significant amount of the Kindred's blood, depending on the type of ability (e.g. blood sorcery can be used to drain blood from a target, regenerating the Kindred's blood capacity and nullifying the comsumption of blood required) and its level (basic abilites require less blood than more advanced ones).

The End

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