A Treatise on Vampires and Their Culture in Modern Days (Ch. VII)


In this kind of society, it can be very difficult for vampires to pronounce their individual opinion effectively. To overcome this difficulty, Kindred often organize themselves in clans and sects that stand for their views and exigencies. This is a clever design, I must admit; yet there are paradoxical concepts in this form of representation, concepts linked not only to politics but also to vampirical bloodlines and powers. I will present you a practical example: suppose I am a powerful Kindred, with a characteristic set of powers and a determined set of values and goals. However, I am clanless: I do not have a voice in the princedom's council to defend my point of view. What shall I do, therefore? I will make myself a voice to my opinions! I cannot establish myself solely as a clan, or a clan representative, if I am the only vampire in the clan; but I can get others to join it, and that, fellow Kindred, is indeed the answer to the problem! The best way to gain vampires to the clan is by starting a bloodline, id est embracing humans who share the same ideologies: if I was an activist, my targets would be activists as well; if I was a lunatic, I would embrace someone who also suffered from dementia. Now, in our days, it would be nearly impossible to start a new and influential clan, for the simple reason that the other clans would not tolerate another party interfering in their matters. Nevertheless, that is how the first clans came to being, from the dawn of man and the first vampires to this day. At the time of those clans' birth, there were no laws or regulations inhibiting the growth of Kindred population. These bloodlines grew and spread throughout the world; those that survived the test of time are stately powers in our era, while some ended in extinction. A scarce number of the most recent bloodlines have succeeded in imposing themselves as strong and relevant kinships, although the many others face extinction or persecution from their cities' princedoms.

The End

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