A Treatise on Vampires and Their Culture in Modern Days (Ch. V)


Immortality, bloodlust, management or rejection of the remaining humanity: these are the characteristics which distinguish vampires from their former mortal selves. To know such is propitious for survival; for instance, to discern what singularizes a vampire from other Kindred is indispensable for personal realization. What this means is that not all vampires have the same personality, or the same aspirations, or the same hobbies, or the same fears – yes, fears! For I guarantee you, my kinsman among the undead, that the vampire is the most deceitful, the most untrustworthy, the most specious creature roaming the face of the earth! Such is the reason why the majority prefers to blend with the humans as if they all existed under the same condition, for the kine’s delusion – neither do all Kindred share similar constitution, or analogous mental abilities, or equivalent social skills, or identical vampiric powers. Thus the Kindred, from time immemorial, sought to erect a stable society of their own: a social hierarchy to unite and to fortify the vampires in a geographic dominion, but always with the fallacious purpose of empowering the top of the pyramid through the toil of its bottom. That, in my understanding, is one of the few principles both Kindred and kine embrace, with little or no difference on how they apply it. However, such a structure is not easily maintained when clans and bloodlines resembling nothing more than peevish political parties and querulous syndicates stir conflict within the nocturnal society. And the dissention does not seem to fade as the foundations of each guild grow stronger and stronger with the time, and as the world seems to reach its limit of entropy. Nevertheless, there is hope to these fragile monarchies. As to myself and as to a few others, I swear allegiance to no one but to me and to my patrons, preferring to remain a caitiff, a stigma of the dreary society, and striving to continue unleashed from mendacious tenets and volatile legislations.

The End

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