A Treatise on Vampires and Their Culture in Modern Days (Ch. IV)


So we know we are immortals to a certain point, and that blood is the only substance which can sustain ourselves. There is a third imperative point that must be considered: humanity. In order to better integrate the kine’s world, many Kindred (including me) attempt to hide their true nature, i.e. their vampirism, from humans. Although they will often employ their supernatural abilities to achieve an end, they only do so when knowing their façade cannot be compromised. To uphold this masquerade can be a daring task for some; however, this duplicity’s benefits are so precious that many of us consider them worth the toil. On the other hand, there are those Kindred who have fully accepted their new nature, and therefore do not fear to be recognized for what they truly are. In my sincere opinion, it is in fact an honorable choice, as well as puerile and tedious. If we despise the few traces of humanity left we still contain as vampires and concentrate solely on our undead condition, we become no more than bloodthirsty monsters that utterly forsook what they lived by and embraced utterly what they died for. Besides, there are ways Kindred can better partake in kine’s society, even if restrained by multiple vulnerabilities and characteristics. For instance, most have nocturnal careers that function not only as a source of income but also as a way to meet potential sources of blood who will allow to be fed upon. Some of these careers include voice actors, disc-jockeys, nurses, gravediggers, crooks, vigilantes, and so on. Building renown in the right people’s eyes will also bring security to the astute Kindred. As someone once wrote, “no one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it to anyone else.”

The End

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