A Treatise on Vampires and Their Culture in Modern Days (Ch. III)


As food and water are mankind’s nourishment, blood is, as depicted in many tales, the Kindred’s sustenance. Vampires that do not require blood to live simply do not exist. Feeding upon humans and other creatures’ liquid essence is neither a choice nor necessarily an addiction, but it is undoubtedly a necessity. Only by draining the living’s vitality we can remain living, although we died when we were turned, or as some say, when we were “embraced.” Now, limits to the quantity of blood we ingest are indispensable. Feeding can, and will, become an obsession if a rational and moderated consumption is not adopted. Finally, dear reader, be very conscious of your surroundings when imbibing blood, if you want to stay out of trouble. The dangers of blood addiction, as well as the ones concerning the dismissal of my latter recommendation, are inherently tied to the next chapters.

The End

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