A Treatise on Vampires and Their Culture in Modern Days

A four centuries-old vampire gathers his knowledge and personal experience concerning vampirism in a short, delicate commentary.

By "The Caitiff"

I am aware of the dangers and risks involved in writing such a detailed work about us, Kindred, if it happens to fall on the wrong hands - that is, on mankind's hands. Should the "kine," or the living humans, ascertain this perilous knowledge, the last five-hundred years of disguise and secrecy would have been squandered in vain. Nevertheless, I issue a warning to you, reader, in case you are indeed a human and you think you can learn about the undead with impunity. The consequences of such folly will devastate you, unwary mortal; if you are fortunate enough, however, we might even be so merciful to you as to let you experience everything you would read... permanently. If you preposterously decide to reveal this treatise's content to somebody - a friend, an enemy of our kind, or even the whole world - your punishment will certainly be multiplied to levels beyond your human comprehension and extended to whoever belonged to your audience. Therefore, reader, my first and perhaps last advice to you is this: that you would stop reading any further from this manifest of forbidden knowledge, if you are a mortal person longing to live a full life. To live a full life is a blessing, a privilege, a promise too valuable to be exchanged for the lore I write about, no matter how much - or how little - insightful the latter is. Nevertheless, if you share my uncanny condition, which this text seeks to enlighten the supernatural reader about, then feel free to venture into this knowledge with eager heart, seeking to better understand the gifts, the culture, and the society of those who live a full death in our days.

The End

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